Guidance Counselors

For Guidance Counselors

As a High School Guidance Counselor, you've been given a sacred trust. You have the responsibility to take young minds - full of energy and enthusiasm and eagerness to take on the world - and help them channel it all into the best possible decision. While Georgia College is certainly not for every student, it is an ideal destination for students who truly want to make a difference in the world. It's a great place for students who thrive in collaborative learning environments where they can participate in hands-on learning opportunities that extend beyond classroom studies. It's our privilege to introduce you to Georgia College, and what we have to offer your students.

Our Students make a noticeable difference

It's a huge part of who we are. We have built a culture in which every student is encouraged to make a difference and given the resources and opportunities to do it - in the community and in the world.

Make a Difference
Milledgeville Map

Close, But Not Too Close.

Just a two-hour drive from Atlanta, and 30 minutes from Macon, Milledgeville, Georgia is the quintessential college town, offering a perfect combination of academics, activities and atmosphere.

Student Life in Milledgeville

Safe & Sound

Georgia College offers a home-away-from-home setting where students can safely live and learn. And parents can relax knowing their kids are well-protected. The campus is part of downtown Milledgeville which boasts a low crime rate, solid student transportation and access to various free college transportation services.

Downtown Milledgeville
Liberal Arts Education

For Inquisitive Minds

A liberal arts education is best suited for curious students. Students who love to learn and appreciate an environment where they are challenged to think critically to solve problems. If you have a student like that, you definitely want to show them Georgia's only public liberal arts college.

A Liberal Arts Education

Is Georgia College the Right Fit?

Georgia College is a small liberal arts state university that gives students...


Undergrad Students

965 Graduate Students

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In-State Tuition & Fees

$28,060 Out of State Tuition & Fees

Financial Aid


Student/Faculty Ratio

Average Class size 24 students

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The best way to see if Georgia College is a good fit for your student is to spend a couple of hours on our gorgeous campus. They can explore on their own, or schedule a guided tour to ensure that they get the full experience.

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A home away from home

Home Away

In addition to the beautiful campus and personalized education, Georgia College allows students to enjoy every part of life as a student. From sports and theatre to Greek life and community service, opportunities abound.

Student Life