Student Information

General Presentation Guidelines

Students may submit four types of presentations for consideration at GURC.

Presentation Types

Students presenting at oral, performance, or visual arts presentations should be present in their presentation space at least 10 minutes prior to their session to upload any digital content onto the presentation computer desktop.

Oral Presentations

Oral presentations can be on any research topic. Oral presentations should be no more than 12-15 minutes long with five minutes allocated for questions from audience comments or questions. GURC is multi-disciplinary, so it is important to remember that your audience may not know your discipline as well as you do.

Note that all computers in our presentation rooms are PCs; please prepare file types accordingly and bring them on a flash drive to speed up file transfer. We also encourage you to back up your files online/in email. When you arrive, please introduce yourself to the panel moderator.

Poster Sessions

Students presenting in Poster sessions should plan to have their posters in place at least 30 minutes prior to the poster session beginning. A more specific timeline will be available once the final schedule is released.​

Poster presentations may also be on any research topic. Posters should be no larger than 3 feet by 4 feet. Poster presenters will be provided with ways to affix their posters to a display. You are responsible for putting up and taking down your own poster. Presenters should be available during the entirety of the poster session to discuss their research. Each poster session will be roughly an hour long. 

Performance Presentations

Performance presentations may include drama, dance, music, or any other kind of live performance. Performance presentations should be no more than 12-15 minutes long with five minutes available for questions and comments from the audience. Students submitting a performance presentation should include information about the spaces needed for their presentation. Students will be expected to provide any equipment or props needed for their performance. Students may also wish to include an artist statement within their time allotment. For information on preparing an artist statement.

Visual Presentations

Visual presentations may include film (no more than 15 minutes long), photography, artwork, or other creations. Students are encouraged to prepare a one-page artist statement for presentation. Students submitting a visual presentation should include information about equipment or space needed. 

Full Panels

Students may also submit full panels (3-4 presentations) for consideration. Please see the submission portal on the GURC Website for more information.