Celebrating 50 years on campus

This year, 2020, marks the fiftieth anniversary of Honors at Georgia College. The Honors College is pleased to post the first in a series of alumni and faculty videos celebrating the Honors community in our 50th year. To share your own reflections, please email honors@gcsu.edu.

Please mark your calendar as well for a special Alumni Week Honors celebration, to be held virtually on Thursday, Nov. 5 at 6:30 p.m.  We will premiere a short film featuring a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Humber-White House, comments by President Steve Dorman and Provost Costas Spirou, a history of the Honors Program, and reflections on the path that lies before the new Honors College. Then we will shift to a directors’ panel featuring each of the previous Honors directors: Dr. John Sallstrom, Dr. Doris Moody, and Dr. Steve Elliott-Gower. We will conclude the evening with 360-degree video tour of the Humber-White House. To register, for the event, please click on this link.

Thank you for celebrating such a momentous occasion with us, and as always, Go Bobcats!

"To the members of the Georgia College Honors College:
Congratulations on the College's 50th Anniversary! I am honored to have been part of the first Honors College in the Fall of 1970. And I am proud to know how the College has expanded. Glad I am not having to compete with you. 

In the Fall of 1970 the Honors College was small and most of us took the honors section of Western Civilization I that quarter from Dr. Deaton. Most of us also took honors Western Civilization II from him the Winter quarter of 1971. The courses were inspiring and Dr. Deaton made Western Civilization come alive for us. Being in class with the other honors students certainly motivated me to do my best.  

Being part of the Honors College program at Georgia College has served me well as I am sure it will you." –Deborah Griffin ('71)