Leadership and Public Affairs

Georgia College's Leadership Program provides students the opportunity to learn the principles of effective leadership and to acquire hands-on learning experience beyond the classroom. The program's core tenets are:

Leadership for the Public Good

Building and maintaining productive relationships in pursuit of justice, peace, and prosperity.

Civic Engagement and Public Affairs

Engaging productively in civic affairs with a deep understanding of interconnected institutional relationships.

Social Entrepreneurship

Leveraging relationships across the public, private, and nonprofit sectors to address public challenges.

Leadership and the Disciplines

Establishing leadership within practical and disciplinary conventions.


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In the leadership colloquium, students explore the principles of effective leadership and leadership theories. We will bridge the divide between theory and practice, exploring the relationship between leadership and power, authority, and citizenship. 


Each semester, Georgia College leadership students complete practica in the community. Students' practica are project-based assignments in which students apply their knowledge of leadership and public policy to solving a problem for an organization or community. 


Leadership seminars fuse theory with contemporary challenges of public and corporate leadership. Always with an eye toward practical applications, students practice strategic thinking and problem-solving and aim to connect their studies in leadership to their individual programs of study. 

Leadership Program students will receive

  • Myers-Briggs Type Inventory Step I and Step II assessments, interpreted by an MBTI Certified Practitioner
  • a personalized leadership assessment
  • personalized recommendations for leadership development at Georgia College
  • 1:1 consultations with Leadership Programs staff
  • a network of influential community and state leaders
  • two day-long leadership challenges hosted by the Outdoor Center at Georgia College
  • programming to support leadership development
  • preferential registration for university-wide leadership development opportunities
  • upon successful program completion, a certificate and medallion to be worn at graduation

Through the Leadership Program, students examine the central concepts of the arts and letters: citizenship, morality, virtue, authority, power, and justice. The topics students explore occupy a prominent place in the western canon and among the modern secular philosophers. Using a variety of disciplinary methods and conventions to engage with the material, students learn that leadership is inherently a civic good, articulated and defined in the public sphere and for a social purpose. 

Academic programs in leadership and public affairs represent a distinctive feature of American liberal arts universities--institutions that have traditionally defined their public-service missions in civic terms, preparing a new generation of civic leaders and leveraging their intellectual capital to serve the collective good.

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To qualify for application to the Leadership Certificate Program, students must:

  • have completed at least thirty credit hours by the anticipated start of their program experience
  • hold a minimum GPA of 3.0
  • be willing and able to enroll in LEAD 2010, LEAD 2020, and LEAD 2011, during the terms of their participation
  • be willing and able to participate in leadership and professional development events and activities across the year of their participation, some of which are scheduled on evenings and on weekends
  • maintain good Academic Standing and abide by the GC Honor Code
  • submit all required application items 

No previous leadership experience is required. 

Application Deadlines

  • Returning GC Students: March 1st 
  • Transfer Students: July 31st

Returning students will be notified of their application status by March 11th. Transfer students will be notified by August 7th.

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