Leadership Practicum

Beyond simply teaching students how to be successful in business or in their professions, at Georgia College, we help our students forge meaningful connections to our communities and world.
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Practicum projects provide an opportunity for students to integrate, synthesize, and apply the knowledge they have gained as a result of their work in the Leadership Certificate Program. Each student’s experience will differ, but every member of our course can expect to bring his or her disciplinary knowledge and leadership skills to bear on a contemporary challenge in the community or world. Practicum projects allow students to: 

  • Integrate theory and practice. 
  • Cultivate and enhance your leadership skills.  
  • Have direct experiences in community settings. 
  • Participate in mutually beneficial partnerships with community organizations. 
  • Critically reflect on your community-based experiences. 
Practicum Guidelines for Agencies

Each student’s practicum experience will vary according to the needs of partner organizations, the student’s own interests, and the nature of the work to be performed. All practicum placements and scopes of work must be approved in writing by the staff of the Office of Leadership Programs. Each practicum should adhere to the following guidelines.  


  • Students’ activities on behalf of an agency should adhere to a defined scope of work, determined in advance by the student, the instructor, and the agency.
  • Agencies should designate a single person who will serve as the practicum point-of-contact.
  • In their work, students should engage on a regular basis with leadership-related tasks, laid out beforehand in the practicum agreement.
  • Agency representatives should work with students to establish regular communication and meetings for updates on the project.
  • At the beginning of the practicum, agencies should provide to the student an overview of the organization and its mission.
  • Agencies should provide necessary resources for students to complete the practicum, and students may not take on expenses of the agency.
  • Agency representatives agree to support students’ leadership and professional development.
Practicum Guidelines for Students


  • Students must have been admitted into the Leadership Certificate Program and register for the appropriate LEAD course during the academic term in which the practicum is completed.
  • Students should spend a minimum of 45 hours of academic activity in a field-based learning experience.
  • Students must attend all practicum-related course meetings, workshops, and colloquia.
  • Students must choose their practica in consultation with a Leadership Programs faculty or staff member and have an approved and finalized practicum agreement on file with the Office of Leadership Programs.
  • Students may complete practica individually or as a team. Those arrangements must be finalized in the practicum agreement and may not change until the conclusion of the practicum.


Your project, laid out specifically in your practicum agreement, must be approved in writing by the Office of Leadership Programs.