How to Change the World

We often see big problems in the world around us but feel powerless to address them. From pollution and global climate change to income inequality and poverty, we see how the challenges of our time are a tangled mess of competing interests and priorities. And as individuals, how do we respond to such compelling needs? In this gateway colloquium for the Leadership Certificate Program, "How to Change the World," we will learn how to analyze those challenges, to leverage our resources, and to harness the power of political and social systems to address the needs around us. 

Instructor and Facilitators 


ASHLEY COPELANDMs. Copeland teaches the gateway course for the Leadership Certificate Program, "How to Change the World." She works closely with all GC leadership students in her service as assistant director of leadership programs. Ms. Copeland holds a master's degree in educational leadership from Minnesota State University, Mankato and a bachelor's degree in exercise science from Georgia College.


PAMELA BOOKER. Ms. Booker serves as course co-facilitator and as Georgia College's Alex Gregory Leader in Residence. Recenty retired as human resources assistant vice president from AT&T, Ms. Booker holds a master's degree from Georgia College and a bachelor's degree from the University of West Georgia.


ALEX GREGORY. Mr. Gregory serves as a course co-facilitator. Recently retired as Chairman and CEO of YKK Corporation of America, he serves as Georgia College's inaugural Alex Gregory Leader in Residence. Mr. Gregory holds a bachelor's degree from Georgia Tech and two graduate degrees from Georgia College. 


HAROLD MOCK. Dr. Mock serves as a course co-facilitator. He holds a Ph.D. in history from the University of Virginia, where he previously served as Bradley Research Fellow. Additionally, Dr. Mock holds a master's degree in history from Virginia and bachelor's degrees in political science and history from Georgia College.

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Spring 2020 Course Facts 

Course Number: LEAD 2010

Prerequisite: Admission to the Leadership Certificate Program. There is no open enrollment available for this course; students must be enrolled by a Leadership Programs staff member.

CRN 21758; M/W, 12:30 p.m. - 1:45 p.m.