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Organizational effectiveness begins with good leadership. Whether at the strategic level or in day-to-day business operations, every organization needs agile, capable, and thoughtful leadership--leaders who inspire and empower their teams and who create a sense of possibility.


The Georgia College Approach

At Georgia College, leadership means more. Our approach to leadership doesn't just focus on the bottom line--but on how individuals, groups, and organizations can serve the public good. We believe that every leadership challenge has a solution that can be found in the arts and sciences, and we bring proven, research-based frameworks to our partners, providing customized solutions.

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We offer customized leadership solutions learning experiences for classes and groups, both within the university and in the community.

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We are research-based. 

Everything that we do is based in research. We leverage our scholarly expertise to serve our partners and meet their needs. 

We are expert.

As one of the best universities in the south, we draw on the expertise of our distinguished faculty and the latest research to support our partners.

We are civic-minded.

We believe in leadership for the public good. And we believe we achieve the greatest results in collaboration with our partners.



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With a portfolio of consulting, training, and leadership solutions, we help build high-performing organizations and leaders. Using proven, research-based frameworks, we leverage our expertise to support our partners identify their needs, strengthen their capacity, and meet their strategic goals.

Proven, Research-Based Frameworks

We rely on internationally regarded research-based frameworks with a proven record of leadership effectiveness. For more information, please take a look at the inventories and assessments we offer. 










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The Office of Leadership Programs is housed in the historic Carl Vinson House, located at 421 West Montgomery Street.

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