Faculty Affiliation

Become a leadership faculty member at GC. Join a multidisciplinary community of scholars committed to connecting their disciplines and scholarship with leadership, civic affairs, and public life. Faculty affiliates are eligible for internal funding opportunities to support their research and teaching.


The Georgia College Office of Leadership Programs invites applications for faculty affiliate status with its certificate program in Leadership and Public Affairs. All members of the faculty, including administrative officers with faculty appointments, are eligible for affiliation. Faculty affiliates should hold a pedagogical interest and scholarly expertise in leadership, broadly defined, and should demonstrate an interest in connecting their academic disciplines to enduring questions of leadership, including but not limited to mentorship, civic engagement, social justice and inclusion, strategic thought, and global citizenship.

Affiliation enables current members of the Georgia College faculty (1) to teach advanced courses that fulfill students’ required course sequence for Georgia College’s Certificate in Leadership Studies and/or (2) to supervise student research and practica within the program.


Affiliation enables members of the faculty to join in a rich multidisciplinary dialogue with their peers, connecting their disciplines and scholarship with leadership, civic affairs, and public life. Affiliate faculty members promote new and innovative collaborations across their varied areas of expertise and enjoy frequent interactions with students in all of Georgia College’s core and collaborative leadership programs—students who are motivated by questions of public interest and keen to engage in their communities and world. Affiliate faculty members participate in engaging seminars, reading groups, and colloquia with their colleagues and students. Additionally, affiliate faculty members are eligible for internal funding opportunities to support their research and teaching. Affiliate status appointments are made for renewable terms of three years.

Faculty affiliates are expected to:

  • support students’ practicum projects by offering advising and research support.
  • adapt and teach courses within their primary academic departments to fulfill students’ requirements for the Georgia College Leadership Program.
  • serve on the GC Leadership Faculty Advisory Committee.
  • attend university leadership events, including colloquia, lectures, and the annual closing banquet.

Faculty affiliation is open to any member of the Georgia College faculty at the rank of lecturer, senior lecturer, assistant professor, associate professor, and professor. Applications should meet with the approval of the chair of the faculty member’s primary academic department. Affiliate status will neither supplant nor replace a faculty member’s primary academic appointment. Affiliate status remains contingent upon a faculty member retaining his or her primary academic appointment and will be terminated should he or she no longer hold an appointment in one of the accredited disciplines of the institution.

This faculty affiliation framework neither precludes nor supersedes the traditional mechanisms of faculty collaboration across disciplines and among the programs of the university. Furthermore, all members of the faculty, regardless of affiliation within this framework, by virtue of their rank and position, remain integral members of all leadership students’ education and mentoring.

Interested members of the faculty should submit a one- to two-page letter of application and their curriculum vitae along with the relevant request for appointment covering form.

Request for Faculty Affiliation