For Your Courses

Integrate Leadership into Your Courses

Integrate workshops, experiences, readings that connect your discipline to leadership and public affairs. Leadership is contextual. Many faculty members have successfully integrated leadership into their courses, using their disciplines as means of exploring leadership theory and practice. The Office of Leadership Programs can support you with resources and funding for such initiatives. For more information, please contact Harold Mock.


The Office of Leadership Programs develops workshops and learning experiences for classes and groups related to leadership, civic affairs, and public life. 

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Leadership Inventories and Assessments

We offer customized leadership-development inventories and assessments, both for individuals and for groups. 

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Co-Sponsorship Opportunities

The Office of Leadership Programs will co-sponsor leadership-related conferences, lectures, symposia, and workshops for your courses and for the community. For more information, please contact Lori Westbrook.

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Faculty Development

In partnership with the GC Center for Teaching & Learning, we provide opportunities for faculty development related to leadership for the public good.

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Certify Your Course as an Affiliate Leadership Program

Through GC Journeys, certify your course as a leadership experience, reflected on a student’s academic record. Consider: Could your course . . . 

  • Engage with leadership-related topics—broadly conceived? That could include mentorship, civic engagement, social justice and inclusion, strategic thought, global citizenship, and so on. 
  • Have a goal of developing students as leaders and citizens? 
  • Benefit from meaningful engagement with leadership development?

Courses certified through GC Journeys are tagged on students' academic records and enjoy broad support within the university.


Teach with Us

Develop or redesign a course in your discipline as a leadership seminar.

Faculty affiliates are invited to develop seminars within their disciplines. Leadership seminars provide the final course in the GC certificate program and allow students to integrate the theory and practice of leadership into their disciplines.