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At Georgia College, leadership means more.
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Leadership for the Public Good

At Georgia College, our students are educated in the classical tradition of leadership for the public good. Beyond simply teaching students how to be successful in business or in their professions, for us, leadership means more. Leadership is about forging meaningful connections to our communities and world. It is a perspective, not a position. Good leadership requires us to speak out powerfully and passionately for a given cause and to marshal our resources to a given end. The intensive leadership education we provide at Georgia College helps our students identify what matters to them, how to make positive change in their communities and world, and how to serve as leaders for the public good.

Strategic Plan

2019 - 2023

student at Georgia capitol

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At Georgia College, leadership means more.

Leadership is needed in all sectors of society. Leadership does not depend on your major; we need teachers, nurses, entrepreneurs, scientists, public servants, non-profit directors, and many other professionals capable of effectively working with others to create positive change. See how our students, faculty, and alumni are providing leadership for the public good.

  • MENTORSHIP. Georgia College is a national leader in providing mentored learning experiences for students.

  • CIVIC ENGAGEMENT. Georgia College students work to build stronger, healthier, more prosperous communities.

  • SOCIAL JUSTICE & INCLUSION. Georgia College students are committed to equal opportunity and treatment of all persons.

  • STRATEGIC THOUGHT. Georgia College students study the correlation of world forces that shape leaders’ abilities.

  • GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP. Georgia College students analyze and solve global challenges in local and regional contexts.

Our Mission

The Georgia College Office of Leadership Programs aims to empower GC students in forging meaningful connections to their communities and world. Through curricular programs, co-curricular experiences, and individual consultation, the faculty and staff of Leadership Programs work to equip students as conscientious and engaged citizens and to serve as leaders for the public good. 

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Our Vision

We envision programs and an institute of national preeminence on the basis of our scholarship, teaching, and public service. 


Our Competitive Advantage

The Georgia College student experience is distinguished by our multidisciplinary approaches to leadership learning, based in the arts and letters. Georgia College provides rich opportunities for mentorship, both formal and informal, as students learn to be leaders for the public good.