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Choose a path, or forge your own.

Our students take many paths through the Leadership Academy. With the support of our faculty, consultants, and leadership facilitators, Leadership Academy participants can choose a pathway—or design their own. 

Pathways are just that: possible paths to your leadership destination. Our pathways are designed to meet you where you are and provide more specialized opportunities to learn and practice your skills as a leader. Based on your personalized leadership profile and the goals you set for yourself, you can chart a course through the Leadership Academy with the support of similarly ambitious peers and specially equipped facilitators. Your faculty and facilitators will guide and support your journey, and the Leadership Academy will provide you the tools to be successful.

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The Achiever is building a strong foundation for college and for life. Through the Leadership Academy, you learn how to establish trust, build relationships, communicate ideas, empower others, make decisions, and innovate in ways that will make you a leader for the public good. 

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The Scholar sees leadership for what it is: a set of skills and ideas that can be learned, practiced, and perfected. You know that leadership is needed in all walks of life and how to build connections that connect every element of society. 

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The Trailblazer is eager to take on life at Georgia College and to chart a new course. You are quick to get involved, to build relationships, to serve others, and to provide leadership in your community--at Georgia College and beyond.

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The Entrepreneur is on a pathway to the C-suite. Through the Leadership Academy, you will begin to build your professional networks and gain the soft skills and technical knowledge that will give you the competitive edge. 

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The Change-Maker has the heart of a servant and the head of a leader. You are a humanitarian and are committed to causes bigger than yourself--leaving communities and the world happier and healthier than you found them. 

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Design Your Own. With the support of our faculty, consultants, and leadership facilitators, Leadership Academy participants can choose a pathway--or design their own.

From Here, Anywhere.

This is only the beginning. Graduates of the Leadership Academy enjoy many benefits, during the program and across your time at Georgia College. 


You'll be part of a network of leaders you can rely on at GC and beyond.


Enjoy special access to events, visiting VIPs, and networking opportunities.


Prequalify for admission to the Leadership Certificate Program and the Georgia Education Mentorship Program.


Graduates of our program are spreading out across the world, serving as leaders for the public good.

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