Photo Gallery 1

Another of the third floor bedrooms with the original flooring being covered by protective padding.

Third floor bedroom. Note that the original heart-pine flooring has been exposed.

Third floor kitchen. Added in the 1960's renovations, this kitchen is being removed during the restoration process.

Third floor bedroom. Note that the carpeting has been removed to expose the original heart-pine floors.

The main floor family dining room. Notice the protective flooring and casing to protect the historic marble fireplace and original flooring.

The Governor's office. Notice that the ceiling has now been raised back to its original height and all non-original cornices have been removed.

A closer view of the interior ceiling work. Please note the 1960's wiring and piping within the original framework.

The Saloon with protective floor padding and mantle casings.

The ladies parlor with padding and mantle casings.

An example of the brick-archway supports used throughout the house.

A view of the interior rotunda construction and air conditioning systems.

Stucco analysis study. This is removing the 1960's colorations to expose the Mansion's original color and scoring.

Ceiling Parlor. Medallion on the main floor.

Original brickwork exposed from the removal of a 1960's air conditioning fixture.

The servant level hallway and view of the interior construction of the main stair well.

The exterior Mansion scaffolding.

Workmen installing the exterior scaffolding.

Workmen removing the non-original Greek key molding (c. 1960's) from the saloon cornice.