Photo Gallery 2

Attic view of one of the four main chimneys.

Attic view of original structural supports (c1838) with wood peg construction visible.

The Mansion's main pediment.

Demolition area on the third floor showing where one of the 1960's bathrooms has been removed.

A third floor bedroom with historic baseboards being removed for restoration.

The third floor servant's work area (Inside third floor bedroom)

A rare glimpse at the hidden servant's staircase inside the main floor's governor's office.

A third floor bedroom with baseboards removed and protective coverings in place.

1960's piping shows with the historic brickwork on sub flooring on a third floor bedroom.

The completely removed third floor kitchen. (installed c.1967)

The bottom level kitchen with all 1960s fixtures removed.

Historic lathe strips still in tact above a door surround leading into the state dining room.

Stress cracks on the side of one of the chimneys.

One of the outer granite capstones on the corners of the Mansion.

Original support structures.

A rediscovered servant's hallway on the third floor.

Demolition work on the third floor.

Air conditioning removal work in main floor saloon.

A temporary I-brace on the main floor saloon in preparation for the installation of structural steel supports.

Indicator marking showing where the installation of historic wall scores will take place on the lower level state dining room.

Historic flue opening for heating stoves that were once in the state dining room.

The servants (hidden) staircase.