Photo Gallery 4

Photograph of the new HVAC system, which has been installed in the attic

Another view of the attic HVAC system and structural steel reinforcement

Plaster installation on a third floor bedroom

Lathe in place for ceiling plaster in a third floor corridor

Wall lathe installed and ready for plastering in the third floor linen closet

The third floor servant's work area. (Inside third floor bedroom)

Stairwell with the 1960s wallpaper removed and readied for restoration

A mock-up of the HVAC vents to be used in the mansion

A ceiling medallion in the Grand Saloon, main floor

Grand Saloon medallions and ceiling readied for plaster installation

HVAC vents above the main floor cornice in the ladies parlor

Reproduction shutters, copied from the originals, readied for installation

A shot of the construction under the main stairs

An example of the steel reinforcement used in some areas of the mansion

The shell of the newly kitchen facility and breezeway. Also note the installation shutters to the rear of the mansion

The kitchen facility

Workmen apply a waterproofing compound to the mansion's foundation

A workman repairs and cleans historic brick from the mansion for reuse

The disassembled main steps of the mansion

Another view of the disassembled main entrance stairs

A front view of the mansion with the first two levels of shutters installed and main entrance stairs removed

A side view of the mansion with shutters

A close-up view of the newly installed mansion shutters

A close-up view of the finished scoring lines in the restored exterior stucco