Photo Gallery 6

Slate pieces and various other wooden elements await installation in the children's nursery.

A reproduction wooden fireplace mantel awaits installation in the third floor nursery.

A fully installed fireplace mantel, slate surrounds, and hearth pavers in the third floor staff offices.

Restored original cornice and new HVAC diffusers grace the third floor stair landing.

Restored egg and dart molding and other repairs in the central rotunda.  The rotunda is awaiting its specialty finishes.

Restored interior of the mansion's cupola.  This area is also awaiting its specialty finishes.

Workmen install structural reinforcement on the main stair.

Newly molded cornice pieces await installation in the saloon.

A new cornice piece drying in its mold.

The cornice reproduction tables in the saloon. Note the pieces hanging from the scaffolding for drying.

The wax cornice mold used for all cornice reproductions.

A newly molded cornice piece.

Workmen installing newly created cornice pieces in the saloon.

Restored original cornice pieces. Note that the HVAC diffusers do not disturb the original mansion cornice.

The newly completed plaster work in the basement State Dining Room.

Workmen applying the final touches to the plaster in the service level hallway.

The restored window sash in the basement State Dining Room.  It was removed in the early 1900s for a door to the Annex dorm facility.

Ongoing work in the mansion's new banquet kitchen.

Newly installed tile in the visitor's restrooms located in the kitchen building.

Cladding and the front porch begin to shape the Education Building.

The back porch of the new kitchen facility.

The last section of the retainer wall awaits completion.