Murace Symposium

Fall 2019 MURACE Symposium



Symposium Topics


Institutional Review Board

  • How can I get through the IRB processes in time for my students to present at a conference?


  • Where are they (internal and external)?
  • How do I know if my students are eligible?
  • How to produce a successful GC Summer Student Research grant?

CUR Membership and Opportunities for Faculty and Students

  • Meet your CUR Councilors and find out what they do
  • CUR faculty services and opportunities
  • CUR student opportunities

Undergraduate Student Research Circle 

  • What is it and how do my students get involved?
  • What are the benefits of being part of the circle?

GURC - Posters at the Capitol

  • What are the criteria to submit an application for presentation consideration?
  • When and where will this opportunity occur?

Sharing Successes

  • Why share your students' successes with MURACE?

MURACE Participation

  • How can you be active in MURACE?