OIE Initiatives

MLK Day Community Breakfast

The Office of Inclusive Excellence at Georgia College invites participation in the competition of scholarly or creative works in honor of the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  Each fall, students in area schools are asked to consider the powerful rhetorical style and the message of transformational change contained in one of Dr. King's speeches and formulate a response. Winning works are selected by each school for each level of instruction (elementary, middle-grades, and high school) at their own discretion. From that pool, a Georgia College Committee selects three students to present their work at the breakfast in January.

Video of MLK Day Community Breakfast January 2019:

Making Excellence Inclusive Day

In an effort to support Georgia College’s quest for national recognition, Making Excellence Inclusive Day engages GC faculty and staff in ways to employ inclusive excellence through professionally-led workshops, student-led discussions and facilitated dialogues. This event provides a framework for inclusive excellence and offer strategies of success for the classroom, within the curriculum and in the work environment.

Watch Making Excellence Inclusive Day 2019: Part 1 & Part 2 below: