Payroll Services

Payroll Services is dedicated to providing quality customer service through personal attention to the individual needs of the faculty, staff, and student workers in keeping with the policies and procedures of Georgia College and the University System of Georgia.

General Payroll Information

Payroll Services administers and reconciles bi-weekly and monthly payrolls through the One USG Connect system. You can monitor and review your paycheck information, tax filing status, W2, and vacation/sick accruals through One USG Connect. Our intranet site available through Unify features detailed instructions on how to navigate One USG Connect. If you need help in accessing One USG connect, please call SERVE (445-7378)  their team can assist with your login.

If you are a former employee and need access to a W-2; or other information, please contact the Shared Services center at 1-877-251-2644.

If you would like help on using One USG Connect system, please access job aids through our intranet site online. (Requires Unify)

We are also available in office for questions or concerns regarding payroll matters from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Email


Bi-weekly employees, including student workers, are paid every other Friday. Monthly employees are paid on the last working day of each month. There are no exceptions to these pay dates. Employees are not paid early in May or December.

You can view your pay stub on the One USG connect module. You also have the ability to estimate your paycheck as well as see what your check would look like if you make changes to deductions, tax filing status, or salary reductions by using the Paycheck Modeler. Please refer to the intranet calendars for time card entry due dates.

Manager and Employee secure information (*login with Unify to access)



Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit is a condition of employment with the University System of Georgia unless you are a Federal Work Study Student. The Payroll Office will input your direct deposit information in One USG Connect as per institution policy. Please provide the Payroll Office with your direct deposit information by bringing a voided check or a print out from your bank with both the routing and account numbers to our office along with a photo ID. Hand written information (except on bank letterhead) will not be accepted as direct deposit documentation. New hires can contact our office if you need help accessing the necessary forms for this requirement, if you are attending orientation, forms are  provided during the session. Call 478-445-4087 or email us at

Tax Withholding Forms

Tax withholding elections can be made via the One USG Employee Self-Service portal on the tax tile. The W-4 and G-4 are available online. Online also features where you  can select to have your W-2 sent electronically, view prior W-2 information and print out a copy through the portal. Paper tax withholding forms and worksheets are also accepted and kept on file in the Payroll Services office and are available on the intranet under the Payroll Services link. Any questions or changes pertaining to your withholding status can be made in the Payroll Services office. If you are a Non-Resident Alien you will need to consult the Budget Office.

You may also find the below link helpful when reading your W2.


When selecting Tax withholding, use this calculator to help you determine what to claim.

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For more information on payroll-related forms, please visit the Payroll section of Georgia College's Policies and Procedures pages.

Meet our Staff

Mark Meeks
Senior Director of Materials Management and Central Services

Kim Couey
Buyer II
307 Miller Court

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Senior Purchasing Assistant
305 Miller Court

Lisa Herndon
Purchasing Assistant
306 Miller Court

April Wall
Asset and Surplus Property Manager
304 Miller Court

Anthony Miller
Central Receiving Manager
320 North Wayne St.

Jen Brown
Delivery Worker
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Trevino Knight
Delivery Worker
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James Binion
Moving and Surplus Property Lead
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Cody Mills
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Darius French
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