Astronomy Resources

Get your very own planetarium right on your desktop! This free open source planetarium software is actually what the GC planetarium uses.

Science Education Center 
The Science Education Center at GC offers a number of programs to train teachers in science education. Some programs make use of the planetarium.

Planetarium Lesson Plans 
K-12 lesson plans that utilize the planetarium. We will happily work with teachers who wish to implement any of those lesson plans.

Space Science Institute Education 
Fun learning experiences in Astronomy for K-12.

Astronomy Picture of the Day 
From NASA. Every day, a breathtaking astronomy picture with an explanation. Set it as your homepage and it is a perfect way to learn something new about astronomy every day.

Windows to the Universe 
Learn about our planet, the universe and more. Choose the level of detail you like on any given topic. Also available in Spanish.