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How to receive the $25 Monthly Membership Fee at the Wellness and Recreation Center on West Campus.

Go to the Front Desk at the Wellness and Recreation Center (W.R.C.) to complete the registration process for G.C. Retiree membership.

You will need to have the following with you to complete the process:

  1. Valid “Retired” G.C. Bobcat ID.  It must have “retired” or “retiree” under the photo. ID’s presented with “Fac/Staff”, “Employee”, “Student”, etc. will not receive the $25 retiree monthly rate.  (NOTE:  If you do not have a Retiree Bobcat Card, you can get one at the Bobcat Card Office which is located on the ground floor of the Maxwell Student Union)
  2. Credit/Debit Card. The W.R.C. do not accept cash or checks. 
  3. You will be required to:
          a) Sign a Waiver, Release of Liability, and Covenant Not to Sue form
          b) Sign an Authorization to Draft for either a Debit/Credit Card
          c)  Answer the PAR-Q (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire) questions
          d)  Schedule a pre-participation screening if any "Yes" responses are marked on the PAR-Q for Males over 45 or Females over 55 years of age
          e)  Obtain permission from your primary care physician if any "Yes" responses are marked on the PAR-Q


  • Membership Registration takes place in person at the Wellness & Recreation Center front desk during regular operation hours which can be found at 
  • Parking permits will be issued at time of registration.  Permits must be placed on dashboard upon each visit to West Campus for parking enforcement to view.
  • All spaces designated as “Loading” or “Service” will be enforced like the rest of campus.
  • Wellness & Recreation is not responsible for parking citations.
  • Persons with a state-issued handicap permit (license plate or hangtag) who cannot find an open handicap space, may park in “Employee” designated spaces. However, both handicap and Wellness/Rec parking permits must be visible
  • Membership Cancellation Requests must be submitted online.  Recurring memberships will be automatically drafted each month until an online cancellation request is received.  Requests must be submitted by noon on the last Friday of the month.
  • All policies and procedures are located on the website (

Requirements to join the Georgia College Retiree Association

  • Be a retired member of the GC faculty or staff with a GC Retiree ID.
  • Must have a BobCat card/GC Retiree ID for all of the benefits below.
  • Have an active GC email address. All retirees are eligible to keep their gcsu email address, but retirees will be asked annually if he/she wants to keep it for another year.


  • Continued use of your email
  • Free tours of the Old Governor's Mansion, Sallie Ellis Davis House and Andalusia
  • Invitation to the Fall Benefits Fair
  • Invitations to on campus events
  • Access to Russell Library for in person use with check-out privileges and access to electronic resources such as journals, magazines remotely (at home).

Continuing and Professional Education - Always looking for new course ideas and/or instructors (GC retirees can earn money teaching for CPE)

Learning in Retirement Membership (Annual Membership dues: $35 per person). Georgia College’s Learning in Retirement is a member-run organization, dedicated to meeting the intellectual, educational, physical and social needs of retirement-aged individuals.  All programs are designed, created, and managed based on the interests and needs of the members. 

Communities in Schools, YES Program, Academic Outreach, and High Achievers - All four departments are always looking for volunteers to work in the local schools (reading, tutoring, helping with science, mentoring, etc.) There are no specific age or previous educational requirements.  Membership is open to all retired individuals, or if not retired, to those who are interested in pursuing learning opportunities in a variety of settings without regard to previous levels of formal education.  For additional information, call the Learning in Retirement office, located in Chappell Hall, Room 103, at 478-445-1239.  Or email us at