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Areas A - E (See Core section of the Catalog)

42 semester hours

Area F

18 semester hours

1. All of the following (15 hours)*

ENGL 2120

British Literature

ENGL 2130

American Literature

ENGL 2150

Introduction to Shakespeare

ENGL 2160

International Literature

ENGL 2200

Writing About Literature

2. One of the following (3 hours):

FREN 2002

Intermediate French Readings

GRMN 2002

Intermediate German Readings

ITAL 2002

Intermediate Italian Readings

SPAN 2002

Intermediate Spanish Readings

If a student places out of any language at the 2002 level, area F.2 may be replaced by any 1000-2000 level AFST, ARTS, BLST, COMM, HIST, IDST, LING, MSCM, MUSC, PHIL, RELI, THEA, or WMST course not used to fulfill areas B, C, & E (3 hours).

(Any transfer student who has not completed the courses in Area F, or their equivalents, must take these remaining courses at GCSU.)

Major Requirements

27 semester hours

1. Historical periods: One course from each of the following three groups (9 hours):



ENGL 4220

Medieval English Literature


ENGL 4225

English Renaissance Literature


ENGL 4330

Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Literature


ENGL 4550

American Literature to 1865



ENGL 4335

English Romanticism


ENGL 4337

Victorian Literature


ENGL 4555

American Literature 1865-1920


ENGL 4665

American Literature from 1920-Present



ENGL 4228

Development of English Drama


ENGL 4331

Eighteenth-Century English Novel


ENGL 4338

Nineteenth-Century English Novel


ENGL 4440

Modern Drama


ENGL 4441

Twentieth-Century British Fiction


ENGL 4446

Modern Poetry

2. Theoretical approaches: One course from the following (3 hours):

ENGL 4110

Literary Criticism

ENGL 4112

Theories of Composition and Literature

ENGL 4115

History of the English Language

ENGL 4116

Structure of Present-Day English

3. Single author: One course from the following (3 hours):

ENGL 4223


ENGL 4226

Topics in Shakespeare

ENGL 4227


ENGL 4664

Flannery O'Connor

ENGL 4850

Topics in a Single Author

4. Thematic or conceptual: One course from the following (3 hours):

ENGL 4445

Literary Women

ENGL 4447

Comparative Literature

ENGL 4448

Adolescent Literature

ENGL 4449

Great Books of the Western World

ENGL 4662

Southern Literature

ENGL 4667

African-American Literature

ENGL 4669

Multicultural American Literature

ENGL 4671

Studies in Native American Literature

ENGL 4770


ENGL 4950

Special Topics

5. International: One course from the following (3 hours):

ENGL 4451

African Literature

ENGL 4452

African Women Writers

ENGL 4955

Special Topics in International Literature

6. ENGL 3900 Critical Approaches to Literature ( 3 hours)

7. ENGL 4900 Senior Seminar on Language and Literature (3 hours)

Senior Capstone Experience

3 semester hours

English majors in the Literature concentration may meet the GCSU Senior Capstone Experience requirement in any of the following ways:

  1. Completion of a Senior Research/Thesis Experience scholarly project (ENGL 4970), completed during the semester in which the student is enrolled in ENGL 4900, Seminar on Language and Literature. All students in ENGL 4900 are required to revise and substantially extend a research essay from a previous upper-level English course. In order to receive Capstone credit for a Senior Research thesis, however, students must register for 3 hours of ENGL 4970, supervised by a faculty member with whom the student will work on the thesis project. To receive credit for the Senior Thesis, students must revise and extend their essay beyond the requirements for ENGL 4900; a general rule would be a 40-page essay with a substantial scholarly bibliography. Students pursuing the Thesis option will be required to defend their thesis in a 30-minute public presentation during which they will discuss their work and answer questions. The supervising faculty member, in consultation with the instructor of ENGL 4900, will assign a grade to the Thesis project, which will become the grade for ENGL 4970. The Senior Thesis requirement may also be met through completion of a Scholars Project, as outlined in the Honors and Scholars Program section of the Catalog;
  2. Study abroad undertaken after completion of at least 72 hours of coursework, met through ENGL 4980. Students who seek Capstone credit for study abroad must register for a 3-hour section of ENGL 4980 in the semester subsequent to their participation in any study abroad program approved by the Department Chair (full-year, semester, or summer). While abroad, students will write a journal or a blog in order to have a timely record of their impressions and experiences. Following their return to Georgia College, they will write a reflective essay of no fewer than 3,000 words, exploring what they have learned from their travel. The instructor of record for ENGL 4980 will award a letter grade for this essay, and it will be the grade for the course. Failure to complete ENGL 4980 by the end of the semester following study abroad will result in a failing grade in the course, and Capstone credit will not be granted;
  3. Completion of a 3-hour internship in a placement appropriate personally and professionally for the student's interests, as determined in consultation with the student's selected supervising faculty member and the Department Chair. To receive Capstone credit for an internship, students must register for 3 hours of ENGL 4960 simultaneously with undertaking the internship. ENGL 4960 will be supervised by a faculty member with the appropriate expertise in the area of the internship, selected by the student, with input from other appropriate faculty members as needed. In addition to the actual work of the internship, students will be required to compile a portfolio, essay, or other appropriate documentation reflecting their learning and experiences in their placement, which will be evaluated by the supervising faculty member. In addition, the field supervisor must provide an evaluation of the student's work in the internship. The student will receive a grade of “I” (incomplete) in ENGL 4960 until all material, including the field supervisor's evaluation, is submitted to the supervising faculty member. Failure to submit this material by the end of the semester following completion of the internship will result in a failing grade for ENGL 4960, and Capstone credit will not be granted;
  4. Completion of an approved Senior Service Learning Experience project in an area chosen with a faculty advisor or group of advisors and the Office of Academic Engagement, and approved through a competitive application process through the Office of Academic Engagement. This option requires registration for ENGL 3005, Service Learning (1 hour) in the semester the project is undertaken (usually the Fall semester of the senior year), and for ENGL 4970, Thesis (2 hours) in the following semester to write a scholarly and reflective paper placing the service-learning project into a disciplinary and interdisciplinary context, and/or to compile a documentary portfolio of the experience. Both the paper option and the portfolio option require presentation of the project's results at either the Student Research Day, a Service Learning Symposium, or an appropriate professional meeting or conference;
  5. Completion of any approved IDST 4999 Senior Capstone course.

Other Requirements

  • Completion of the First-Year Academic Seminar with a passing grade. Students who transfer to GCSU after the first term are exempt from the requirement.
  • A grade of C or better is required in all English courses; more than one grade of D or below may disqualify a student from continuing in the major.
  • A minimum of 39 semester hours overall must be at the 3000-4000 level.
  • Fulfillment of University-wide Senior Capstone Experience requirement, as explained above.


18-30 semester hours

English majors who need more than one language course to meet the University B.A. requirements may have a lower number of elective hours.


120 semester hours

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