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Areas A-E (See Core section of the Catalog)

42 semester hours

Area F

18 semester hours


FREN 1001

Elementary French I (3 hours) (if equivalent was not taken in high school)

FREN 1002

Elementary French II (3 hours)

FREN 2001

Elementary French III (3 hours)

FREN 2002

Intermediate French Readings (3 hours)


Selections from the following if not taken in Areas B, C or E

6-9 semester hours

ARTS 1105

Understanding Visual Culture (2 hours)

ENGL 2110

World Literature (3 hours)

GEOG 1102

World Regional Geography (3 hours)

HIST 1131

World Civilization and Society I (3 hours)

HIST 1132

World Civilization and Society II (3 hours)

IDST 2115

Introduction to Folklore (3 hours)

IDST 2205

Global Issues and Society (2 hours)

IDST 2210

Ethics and Society (2 hours)

IDST 2215

Communication in Society (2 hours)

IDST 2310

The Fine and Applied Arts in Civilization (3 hours)

IDST 2315

America's Diverse Cultural Heritage (3 hours)

IDST 2505

Interpersonal Relations in Society (3 hours)

MUSC 1105

Music and Civilization (2 hours)

PHIL 2200

Survey of Philosophy (3 hours)

SOCI 1121

Sociological Perspectives (3 hours)

THEA 1105

Theatrical Heritage (2 hours)

Major Requirements

30 semester hours

FREN 3010

Intermediate Grammar (3 hours)

FREN 3020

Intermediate Conversation (3 hours)

FREN 3110

French Culture and Civilization, I (3 hours)

FREN 3120

French Culture and Civilization, II (3 hours)

FREN 3210

Survey of French Literature I (3 hours)

FREN 3220

Survey of French Literature II (3 hours)

FREN 4110

Advanced Grammar and Conversation (3 hours)

FREN 4210

Business French (3 hours)

FREN 4220

Francophone Women Writers (3 hours)

FREN 4999

La Francophonie (3 Hours)

Cognate Area

3 semester hours

LING 2200

Human Language (3 hours)

MFLG 0001 *

First Year Academic Seminar (1 hour)


*The MFLG 0001 course is required of all MLC majors, but does not count towards the 120 hours required for graduation.

Required Minor

15-18 semester hours

The minor may be in another language or in any other field.


9-12 semester hours

Other Requirements



A C or better in all Major courses.


A minimum of 39 hours at the 3000-4000 level.


The B.A. degree requirement in one foreign language at the 4th college level is met by all MLC majors


Majors are required to study French in a French-speaking country during their junior or senior year. Maymester, Summer I, or Summer II, a semester or a full year. Course equivalents must be worked out with the Office of International Education and the Department of Modern Languages and Cultures prior to departure. Scholarships for study abroad are available from the Office of International Education. In cases of hardship, exceptions can be made: An internship with an international company, a senior service learning project, or other projects approved by the chair and the faculty can be substituted. The French Government's English Assistant program for French majors can be used as a substitute.


120 semester hours

Students who wish to pursue teacher certification with a field in French through the Four-Plus-One program, which allows the students to receive both certification and a master's degree in one extra year of study, should pursue a B.A. in French first. In addition, the department recommends that they join the Future High School Educators Club in order to start making contacts in the John H. Lounsbury College of Education and to learn more about this Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) degree. Students who would like to pursue teacher education are encouraged to take: For P-12 certifications French: EDUC 2110 Investigating Critical and Contemporary Issues in Education.

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