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Areas A - E (See Core section of the Catalog)

42 semester hours

MATH 1113 Precalculus or a higher-level MATH course is required in Area A for Chemistry majors.

Area F

18 semester hours

Fourteen hours selected from the following (if not taken in Areas A or D):

MATH 1261

Calculus I

MATH 1262

Calculus II

PHYS 2211

Principles of Physics I

PHYS 2211L

Principles of Physics I Laboratory

PHYS 2212

Principles of Physics II

PHYS 2212L

Principles of Physics II Laboratory

CHEM 1211

Principles of Chemistry I

CHEM 1211L

Principles of Chemistry I Laboratory

CHEM 1212

Principles of Chemistry II

CHEM 1212L

Principles of Chemistry II Laboratory

Four hours:

CHEM 2800

Quantitative Analysis

CHEM 2800L

Quantitative Analysis Laboratory

If the credits for courses taken in Area F exceed 18 semester hours, students may apply the extra hours under Electives. (Any transfer student, who has not completed the courses in Area F, or their equivalents, must take these courses at GCSU.)

All courses listed above under Area F Requirements are program requirements. If not taken under Areas A, D, and F, they must be taken as Electives.

Major Requirements

32 semester hours

CHEM 2920

Second Year Transition Seminar

CHEM 3010

Inorganic Chemistry

CHEM 3010L

Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory

CHEM 3200

Instrumental Analysis

CHEM 3200L

Instrumental Analysis Laboratory

CHEM 3361

Organic Chemistry I

CHEM 3361L

Organic Chemistry I Laboratory

CHEM 3362

Organic Chemistry II

CHEM 3362L

Organic Chemistry II Laboratory

CHEM 3510


CHEM 3510L

Biochemistry Laboratory

CHEM 3600L

Structural Chemistry

CHEM 3920

Chemistry Seminar I

CHEM 4211

Physical Chemistry I

CHEM 4211L

Physical Chemistry I Laboratory

CHEM 4212

Physical Chemistry II

CHEM 4212L

Physical Chemistry II Laboratory

CHEM 4920

Chemistry Seminar II

Capstone Experience

9 semester hours

Six hours selected from the following:

ASTR 3020

Observational Techniques in Astronomy

CHEM 4400

Advanced Analytical Chemistry

CHEM 4500

Advanced Inorganic Chemistry

CHEM 4600

Advanced Organic Chemistry

CHEM 4700

Computational Chemistry

CHEM 4800

Advanced Physical Chemistry

PHYS 3000


PHYS 3100

Electricity and Magnetism

PHYS 3311

Mathematical Physics

PHYS 3321

Introduction to Quantum Mechanics

PHYS 4251

Introduction to General Relativity

PHYS 4261

Introduction to Nuclear Physics

Three hours:

CHEM 4999

Research (maximum of 3 hours may count towards capstone experience)

Other Requirements

  • Complete CHEM 0001, First-Year Academic Seminar, with a satisfactory grade. Students who transfer to GCSU are exempt from this requirement.
  • An average of C or better must be maintained over the 44-59 hours used to satisfy Area F and Major Requirements.
  • Competence in chemistry will be evaluated with the American Chemical Society's Standardized examinations in Analytical Chemistry, General Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Physical Chemistry.
  • Successful completion of senior exit interview.
  • A minimum of 39 hours overall must be at the 3000-4000 level.
  • Students must show competence in a foreign language at the level of the second university course (1002). (3-6 semester hours)


13-26 semester hours


120 semester hours

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