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Areas A-E (see Core section of the Catalog)

42 semester hours

Math - 3 hours, choose from Area A list in the catalog. MATH 1261 Calculus I, MATH 1262 Calculus II, or MATH 2600 Probability and Statistics is required in Area D2. ENSC 1000/ENSC 1000L, CHEM 1211/CHEM 1211L, and CHEM 1212/CHEM 1212L are required for the major.

Area F

18 semester hours

BIOL 1107

Principles of Biology I (3 hours)

BIOL 1107L

Principles of Biology I Lab (1 hour)

BIOL 1108

Principles of Biology II (3 hours)

BIOL 1108L

Principles of Biology II Lab (1 hour)

BIOL 2800

Ecology (4 hours)

Foreign Language

Must demonstrate proficiency at the level of the second university course in one foreign language for the degree

RHET 1110 or

Fundamentals of Public Speaking (3 hours)

RHET 2210

Small Group Communication (3 hours)

(Any transfer student who has not completed the courses in Area F, or their equivalents, must take these courses at GCSU.)

Major Requirements

31 semester hours

BIOL 4760 or

Plant Systematics (4 hours)

BIOL 4490

Phycology (4 hours)

CHEM 2800

Quantitative Chemistry (3 hours)

CHEM 2800L

Quantitative Chemistry Lab (1 hour)

CHEM 3400/

CHEM 3400L

Environmental Chemistry (3 hours)

Environmental Chemistry Lab (1 hour)

GEOG 3100

Introduction to Geographic Information (3 hours)

GEOL 4100

Hydrology (4 hours)

Cognate Requirements

14-16 semester hours

MATH 1261 or

Calculus I (3 hours)

MATH 2600*

Probability & Statistics (3 hours)

ENSC 1000

Introduction to Environmental Science (3 hours)

ENSC 1000L

Introduction to Environmental Science Lab (1 hour)

CHEM 1211

Principles of Chemistry I (4 hours)

CHEM 1211L

Principles of Chemistry I Lab (1 hour)

CHEM 1212

Principles of Chemistry II (3 hours)

CHEM 1212L

Principles of Chemistry II Lab (1 hour)

GEOL 1121

Physical Geology (3 hours)

GEOL 1121L

Physical Geology Lab (1 hour)


*Courses required here if not taken in Area D

Students are required to earn a 'C' or better in all science and math Area F and Cognate courses (specifically BIOL 1107/1107L, BIOL 1108/1108L, BIOL 2800, MATH 1261 or MATH 2600, ENSC 1000/ENSC1000L, CHEM 1211/CHEM1211L, CHEM 1212/1212L, GEOL 1121/GEOL 1121L). If students earn a D or F in a course, they can retake the course to earn a 'C' or better.

9-15 additional hours in one of the following content areas:

A. Chemistry

CHEM 3361/3361L Organic Chemistry & Lab

CHEM 3362/3362L Organic Chemistry II & Lab

CHEM 3510 Biochemistry or

CHEM 3600L Structural Chemistry

B. Geography/Geology

GEOG 4100 (required) and two of the following:

ENSC 4120 Natural Hazards

ENSC 4130 Wetland Environments

ENSC 4400 Resource Use

ENSC 4450 Environment and Society

ENSC 4600 Soils and Environmental Quality

GEOG 4112 Advanced Weather & Climate

GEOL 4200 Geomorphology

GEOL 4300 Sedimentology & Stratigraphy

C. Public Policy/Administration

POLS 4000 (required) and two of the following:

ENSC 4415 Environmental Policy

ENSC 3680 Environmental Economics & Natural Resource Management

POLS 3241 Urban Government & Administration

POLS 4211 Legislative Politics & Behavior

POLS 4401 Public Policy Making

or other approved courses

D. Biology

GEOG 4100 (required) and two upper level Biology courses

E. International

Select 9 hours from the following with at least one course covering a nonwestern region:

GEOG 3500 - Regional Geography (varies)

POLS 4505 - Intro to the European Union

POLS 4531 - The Politics of the Middle East

POLS 4541 - The Politics of Modern Africa

POLS 4561 - The Politics of Latin America

POLS 4611 - Contemporary International Problems

Degree Requirements

3-6 semester hours

  1. Student must demonstrate proficiency at the level of the second university course in one foreign language for the degree. (1002). (3-6 hours)

Senior Capstone Requirement

3 semester hours

Students should choose one of the following options: ENSC 4950, 4960, 4980; or 4999. Prior consultation with your advisor (and supervising professor for the research option) is required prior to registration. Any semester or year-long study abroad experience can also fulfill the capstone requirement.

Other Requirements

  1. A minimum of 39 hours must be at the 3000-4000 level.
  2. Complete First Year Academic Seminar with a satisfactory grade of C or better. Students who transfer to GCSU are exempt from this requirement.


8-13 semester hours


120 semester hours

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