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NOTES: Economics majors will take ECON 2106 instead of ECON 2100 in Area E. Economics majors may take MATH 1261 to complete Area A or D, and MATH 1260 or 2600 to complete Area D. If these courses are used in Area A and/or D, the remaining hours required in Area F must be completed by taking additional 1000-4000 level electives. If PHIL 2200 is taken in Area C, then PHIL 2250 and RHET 1110 must be taken in Area F.

Areas A-E (See Core Section of this Catalog)

42 semester hours

Area F

18 semester hours


ECON 2105

Principles of Macroeconomics

(3 hours)


Choose one of the following courses:

MATH 1260 or

MATH 1261



Survey of Calculus or

Calculus (3-4 hours)

OR 3 hours of 1000-4000 level electives if MATH 1260 or 1261 is used in Area A or D



(3 hours)

(3 hours)


MATH 2600

Probability and Statistics or 3 hours of 1000-4000 level electives if MATH 2600 is used in Area D.

(3 hours)**


Choose one of the following courses:




CSCI 1000

Introduction to Computer Science

(3 hours)

or CSCI 1301

Computer Science I

(3 hours)

or CBIS 2215

Introduction to Computers in Business

(3 hours)


or CBIS 2220 Principles of Information Systems

(3 hours)


Choose two of the following courses:

(6 hours)


PHIL 2250, Logic & Critical Thinking

(3 hours)


or RHET 1110, Public Speaking

(3 hours)


or PHIL 2200, Survey of Philosophy

(3 hours)

(If PHIL 2200 was used in Area C, it cannot be used in this area)

Economics Major Requirements*

60 semester hours

Economics Courses**

30 semester hours

ECON 3220

International Trade

(3 hours)

ECON 3600

Intermediate Microeconomics

(3 hours)


(Prerequisites: ECON 2105 and 2106)


ECON 3800

Intermediate Macroeconomics

(3 hours)


(Prerequisites: ECON 2105 and 2106)


ECON 4340

Introductory Econometrics

(3 hours)


(Prerequisites: ECON 3600 &

MATH 2600)


ECON 4990

Senior Seminar

(3 hours)


(Prerequisite: ECON 3600 and 3800)


Five 3000-4000 level ECON courses

(15 hours)


30 semester hours


120 semester hours

Other Requirements:

  • A 2.5 or higher GPA is required in all ECON courses used to satisfy graduation requirements.
  • Exit Exam: As of October 2004, successful completion of ECON 4990, Senior Seminar, satisfies the exit exam requirement for ECON majors.
  • Complete a first year academic seminar (ECON 0001 or other first year academic course).
  • Students must fulfill other requirements in the Graduation Requirements section of the Catalog.
  • Economics majors are encouraged to use elective hours to complete a second major or a minor field of study. If you are planning graduate work in economics, you are advised to take as many of the following MATH courses (in order of preference) as your schedule permits: MATH 1262, Calculus II; MATH 2150, Linear Algebra; MATH 2263, Calculus III; MATH 4340, Differential Equations.
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