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Areas A through E (See Core section of the Catalog)

42 semester hours

Area F

18 semester hours

Professional Pedagogy (12 hours)

EDUC 2110

Investigating Critical and Contemporary Issues in Education

(3 hours)

EDUC 2120

Exploring Socio-Cultural Perspectives on Diversity in Educational Contexts

(3 hours)

EDUC 2130

Exploring Learning and Teaching

(3 hours)

ENGL 2200

Writing About Literature

(3 hours)

Content Area Courses (6 hours)


Content Courses (6 hours)*

*Choose six hours in lower division courses to support one content concentration area: mathematics, science, or social sciences.

Academic Major

39 semester hours

EDMG 3212

FB Developmental Learning

(3 hours)

EDMG 4250

FB Inquiry and Reflection

(3 hours)

EDIT 3221

Introductory Instructional Technology for Teachers

(1 hour)

EDIT 3222

Intermediate Instructional Technology for Teachers

(1 hour)

EDIT 3223

Advanced Instructional Technology for Teachers

(1 hour)

EDMG 3248

FB Ethics/Professionalism/School Law

(3 hours)

EDMG 4243

Capstone Experience

(3 hours)

EDMG 3001

Field Placement and Seminar 1

(2 hours)

EDMG 3002

Field Placement and Seminar 2

(2 hours)

EDMG 4001

Field Placement and Seminar 3

(2 hours)

EDMG 4150

FB Sociology of Middle Schools/Democratic Classrooms

(3 hours)

EDMG 4218

Development and Assessment of Logical Thought

(3 hours)

EDMG 4245

FB Middle Grades Curriculum

(3 hours)

EDMG 4960

Student Teaching Internship

(6 hours)

EDEX 3220

FB Legal Issues in Special Education

(3 hours)

Concentrations in Content Fields (Liberal Arts)

30 semester hours

All are required to have an English/Language Arts Concentration; will choose a second concentration from science, social sciences or mathematics.

Second concentrations are 9 hours in one concentration area plus 3 hours in each of the other two.

English/Language Arts Concentration (Required)

*ENGL 4448

Adolescent Literature

(3 hours)

*ENGL 4112

Composition and Literature

(3 hours)

*ENGL 4116

Structure of Present Day English

(3 hours)

*EDRD 3150

Literature, Reading, and Writing in the Content Fields

(3 hours)

*EDRD 3214

Reading Instructional Strategies

(3 hours)

Social Studies Concentration

HIST 4415

Georgia History

(3 hours)

*GEOG 4500

Comparative Regional Geography

(3 hours)

EDMG 4950

Local Social Studies

(3 hours)

Mathematics Concentration

*MAED 3100

Mathematics Investigations

(3 hours)

Complete two of the following courses:



MAED 4080

Algebra for Middle Grades

(3 hours)

MAED 4510

Geometry for Middle Grades

(3 hours)

MAED 4680

Discrete Mathematics for Middle School Teachers

(3 hours)

NOTE: will select 2 of the 4000 courses.

Science Concentration

*PHSC 4010

Integrated Physical Science

(3 hours)

BIOL 4010

Integrated Life Science

(3 hours)

AND Select one of the following courses as offered

BIOL 4300

Human Physiology

(3 hours)

BIOL 4950

Special Topics

(4 hours)

Major Requirements


129 semester hours

*Required courses for all students.

  • A freshman 1-hour orientation course is required by GCSU.
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