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Areas A, B, C, D and E (See Core section of the Catalog)

42 semester hours

NOTE: Courses taken in Areas A, B, C, D, and E may be used to satisfy other requirements, provided total degree hours are satisfied.

Area F

18 semester hours

ACCT 2101/BCOM 2285

Approved Science Elective

Accounting Principles I OR Business Communications and Reports

(3 semester hours)

(3 semester hours)

ODED 2120

Theories in Outdoor Education

(3 semester hours)

PSYC 2102

The Developing Individual

(3 semester hours)

PSYC 2560

Interpersonal Behavior

(3 semester hours)

ODED 2110

Basic Outdoor Education Strategies

(3 semester hours)

Major Requirements

33 semester hours

ODED 3010

Group Development Activities

(3 semester hours)

ODED 3020

Challenge Course Programs and Management

(3 semester hours)

ODED 3110

Outdoor Pursuits: Land

(3 semester hours)

ODED 3120

Outdoor Pursuits: Water

(3 semester hours)

ODED 3210

Environmental Education Methods

(3 semester hours)

ODED 4500

Ecological Connections in Outdoor Education

(3 semester hours)

ODED 4520

Processing Experiential Education

(3 semester hours)

ODED 4540

Administration of Outdoor Education Programs and Services

(3 semester hours)

KINS 4806

Internship in Kinesiology

(6 semester hours)

Cognate Area of Specialization

27 semester hours

Student elect a specialization in one of the following professional applications; Therapeutic Use of Adventure, Management, Environmental Education, or Physical Education. An approved minor in the specialization is required. Students may elect to complete a second major in the specialization area. The research and practicum requirements are completed in the specialization area.

Approved electives, minor, or second major


(21 semester hours)

KINS 4813

Research in Kinesiology

OR approved research in the specialization

(3 semester hours)

KINS 4833

Practicum in Kinesiology

(3 semester hours)


120 semester hours


  1. Grades of C or better are required in Area F, major. minor, and approved elective courses.
  2. Signed agreement to the terms and conditions stated in the Outdoor Education Student Handbook is required for admission to and retention in the outdoor education program.
  3. Students are required to demonstrate swimming proficiency or show proof of current lifeguard or WSI certification in ODED 3120.
  4. Students are required to hold a current Wilderness First Responder certificate for internship approval.
  5. Students are required to complete 15 hours per semester of professional service during semesters in which the student is enrolled in major required courses.
  6. Students are required to attend a professional conference.
  7. In order to graduate, students must have a GPA of 2.5 and fulfill other requirements specified in the Graduation Requirements section of the Catalog.
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