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Prerequisite: High school chemistry course with lab, introductory college chemistry course with lab, or college algebra. First course in a two-semester sequence covering elementary principles of general, organic and biochemistry designed for allied health professions majors. Topics to be covered include elements and compounds, chemical equations, nomenclature, and molecular geometry. This online course uses an online delivery platform. You are not required to attend class face to face. The course runs the length of a semester. It is not a self-paced or an independent study course. The instructor will establish the pacing of the course and will inform you of due dates for assignments, discussion activities, and quizzes. This 4 credit hour course includes an off-site laboratory component which you must successfully complete in order to make a passing grade in the course. Course requirements include graded homework assignments, laboratory reports, unit quizzes, and at least one proctored exam that has a laboratory practical component.

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