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Preprofessional programs are career choices, not academic majors. More to the point, the academic majors that successful professional school applicants select are as diverse as the students themselves. Very few professional schools require, or even necessarily prefer, that applicants take coursework within a particular undergraduate major. Indeed, the liberal arts education that students receive at Georgia College & State University is an asset to any professional school applicant.

The general advice we give a preprofessional student, is that he should major in a subject that he enjoys and are thus will be more likely to perform well in academically. A wise choice of major should take into account (1) what field holds the most interesting career prospects in the event that professional school plans do not materialize, and (2) the fact that majoring in something one enjoys, rather than feels compelled to pursue, is likely to stimulate the superior academic performance that is of utmost importance in professional school admission.

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