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Teacher candidate applicants admitted to a professional teacher education program are expected to maintain a high level of personal, academic, and professional activity. Teacher candidates in professional programs will be governed by the State of Georgia Code of Ethics for Educators. Failure to meet this code may be cause for removal from the program. Inappropriate personal and/or professional behavior can be cause for dismissal. The teacher candidate’s advisor or Mentor Leader, chairperson of the department, and the Dean of Education are authorized to recommend dismissal.

The following academic standards and guidelines apply for continued admission to a teacher education program:

  1. A minimum grade of C or S must be maintained in all course work in the program. If a grade of D, F or U is received in a course, the student will not be allowed to continue in the program unless provisions can be made for repeating the course so as not to lower professional expectations in the remaining course work and field experiences.
  2. A teacher candidate is expected to attend all field placement assignments regularly and on time. Field placement assignments must be performed at an acceptable level as judged by the University Mentor Leader in collaboration with the public school Host Teacher. Excessive absences and/or low quality performance in field placements may result in the teacher candidate’s removal from the program.
  3. A teacher candidate must maintain a GPA of 2.50 to continue in the program. When a GPA falls below 2.50 at anytime except immediately prior to the final semester, one of the following may occur:
    1. If a special program of study can be developed to assist the student during summer, the student may be allowed to continue in the program contingent upon the summer course work raising the GPA to 2.50.
    2. A special program of study may be developed for the student, and the student withdrawn from the program and reclassified a pre-education major. After the student completes the special program of study, the overall GPA must be at a 2.50 level or above for the student to apply for readmission to the following year’s cohort.
    3. The student may be allowed to remain in the program for one additional semester, except the final semester, after which the GPA must be 2.5 or above, or the student will be withdrawn. Readmission to teacher education will be dependent upon the conditions set forth at the time the student is withdrawn.
    4. The student may be encouraged to choose another major, in or out of teacher education. The student will have to meet the admission requirements of the new major.
  4. A teacher candidate will not be allowed to continue into the final semester before graduation with a GPA below 2.50. A teacher candidate with a GPA below 2.50 prior to the final semester will be withdrawn from the program. The Mentor Leader or advisor and chairperson of the department will develop a plan specifying provisions for correcting the difficulty(ies) encountered. The plan must have the approval of the Dean of Education. The student will not be permitted to reenter a cohort or student teaching for a minimum of one full year.
  5. In order to graduate from Georgia College & State University with a degree in a major in the College of Education, teacher candidates must complete all requirements in the program.
  6. Students requesting to take 9-11 hours in the summer must have the permission of their advisors. Taking over eleven hours requires a university petition that originates with the faculty advisor and requires the approval of the chairperson and the dean. Failure to complete and file appropriate forms can result in being dropped from course(s).
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