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Professors: Cynthia Alby and Jane Hinson
Associate Professors: Chris Greer and Brian Mumma
Assistant Professors: Kevin Crabb, Judy Donovan, Marianne Edwards, Kathy Garland, Chris Greer, Diane Gregg, Rui Kang, Chrispen Matsika, Marcia Peck, and Chandra Power
Instructor: Betta Borrelli and Kathy Stanley

Department Contact Information:
Georgia College & State University
Kilpatrick Education Center 122
Campus Box 79
Milledgeville, GA 31061
Foundations and Secondary Education Web site
Interim Chair, Brian Mumma,
Administrative Assistant, Ruby Griffin,


The mission of the Department of Foundations and Secondary Education at the undergraduate level is to provide foundations of education and instructional technology courses for educator preparation programs in the University.

Students seeking certification in secondary (6-12) teaching fields (biology, business, chemistry, English, French, history, mathematics, physics, political science, and Spanish) or art P-12 fields (art, French, health education, Spanish) pursue the undergraduate degree in the desired content area and participate in the pre-professional program in secondary education to prepare for admission to the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) initial certification program upon graduation. Admission requirements for the MAT SEED degree program are found in the Graduate School catalog.

Georgia College & State University • 231 W. Hancock St. • Milledgeville, GA 31061 • 1-800-342-0471 ; (478)445-5004 •