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Freshmen applicants are or will be high school graduates that have earned less than 30 semester hours (45 quarter hours) of transferable college credit coursework (not including joint enrollment and advanced placement credits).

The successful freshman applicant will demonstrate his or her potential for success by completing a rigorous College Preparatory Curriculum with a competitive grade point average, show strong SAT or ACT score results and provide a well developed personal essay. The middle 50% of admitted students for Fall 2009 had SAT total scores ranging from 1060 to 1220 (CR + M subscores only), and high school grade point averages ranging from 3.24 to 3.75 (calculated on academic courses only). These numbers are provided only as guidelines. Students whose SAT and/or ACT test scores/subscores may subject them to screening for Learning Support/Remedial placement, will not be considered for admission.

Admissions decisions are based on the total student portfolio and demonstrated potential for contribution to the university and probability for success in the unique environment of the GCSU community. In the application review process, GCSU strives to discover students who will bring academic and creative achievements, elements of diversity, a proven commitment to community service and who have the potential to make significant contributions to society. GCSU seeks inquisitive freshmen who exhibit the desire to develop an analytical mind; a sense of civic and global responsibility; sound ethical principals; respect for human diversity and individuality; effective writing, speaking and qualitative skills; and a healthy lifestyle.

A College Preparatory Curriculum (CPC) diploma is mandatory for admission to GCSU. The Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia approved CPC curriculum requires:

  • 4 units of English
  • 4 units of Mathematics, with Algebra 1 being the minimum level for consideration
  • 3 units of Science including at least 2 units of laboratory science
  • 3 units of Social Science
  • 2 units of the same foreign language.
  • Additional courses selected from the following are strongly recommended:
  • Trigonometry
  • An additional laboratory course in science
  • A third course in a foreign language; or study in a second foreign language
  • Fine arts (art, dance, drama, music)
  • Computer technology

College Preparatory Curriculum (CPC) requirements do not apply to students who graduated from high school prior to Spring 1988, regardless of when these students enroll in a University System of Georgia institution.

The GED, in itself, does not indicate fulfillment of College Preparatory Curriculum requirements and will not be considered (except in the case of Non-Traditional students - see below).

Any CPC deficiencies must be satisfied prior to transferring to Georgia College & State University.

Completion of the College Preparatory Curriculum by itself does not guarantee admission to Georgia College & State University or exemption of Learning Support (remedial work). The College Preparatory Curriculum serves as one of the minimum qualifications for admission and placement along with test scores, freshman essay and/or high school grade point average.

A word about the SAT and ACT scores: Freshman and/or transferring freshman applicants must submit at least one official SAT or ACT score report which includes the writing assessment. Scores must be sent directly from the testing agency to GCSU. GCSU currently utilizes only the Critical Reading and Math scores from the SAT, and the English, Math and Composite scores from the ACT. GCSU will also review the timed writing samples from these tests as part of the student's overall portfolio. Receiving official scores directly from the College Board and/or ACT allows us to access the applicant's writing sample.

Freshmen with transferable college credit must ALSO have a minimum cumulative transfer grade point average of 2.0 for admission, and must be eligible to immediately return to their previous college. See "Transfer Admission" section for additional transfer admission information.

Freshmen applicants must submit to the GCSU Office of Admissions, Campus Box 23, Milledgeville, GA 31061, the following documents for admission consideration:

1. Application for admission

2. Application fee

3. Official high school transcript

4. Official SAT and/or ACT score report, including writing sample(s) – See GCSU school codes on page 3

5. Official transcripts from all colleges attended, if any

6. Personal Essay – See Part II of this application

7. Official college transcripts, if applicable (i.e., Dual Enrollment or Joint Enrollment Credits)

Optional items (highly recommended):

8. Teacher Recommendation Letter

9. Resume of extracurricular activities (organizations/honors/awards/athletics, etc.)

Other Freshman Categories:

Non-Traditional Students are defined as individuals who have been out of high school at least five years and whose high school class graduated at least five years ago. Non-traditional students must hold a high school diploma from an accredited or approved high school as specified in the admissions section of this Catalog or have satisfactorily completed the GED.

Non-traditional students who have not attended high school or college within the previous five years and have earned fewer than 30 transferable semester hours of college credit must provide evidence of exemption from Learning Support requirements in reading, English, and mathematics. Learning Support requirements may be satisfied by presenting appropriate minimum SAT or ACT scores, appropriate minimum COMPASS or CPE placement test scores from a USG institution, or appropriate minimum COMPASS or ASSET placement test scores from a COC-accredited DTAE college. As an alternative, non-traditional students who have within the past seven years posted SAT scores of at least 500 in both Critical Reading (Verbal) and Mathematics or ACT scores of at least 21 on both English and Mathematics may exempt the COMPASS placement test. For more information on Non-Traditional Student testing requirements, please contact the GCSU Testing Center at (478) 445-5016.

Home Schooled Students: Georgia College & State University welcomes qualified home schooled applicants and applicants from non-accredited high schools. Georgia College & State University and the Board of Regents have established guidelines for admission of home schooled students and students from non-accredited/recognized high schools.

Students with a diploma from a regionally accredited home study program such as the American School or the Seton Home Study School or a diploma from the Center of the Accrediting Council for Independent Study (Georgia only) will be given the same consideration for admission as a student from a public high school.

Admission of home schooled students from programs not included in the previous paragraph and students from non-accredited schools will be made based on students having an SAT or ACT test score equal to or above the average score of the previous year's entering freshman class, (the average SAT for freshmen enrolled Fall 2008 was 1129, the equivalent ACT composite score is 25) and providing a portfolio and/or other evidence of having the equivalent of the Georgia high school college preparatory curriculum as defined by the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia. Supplementary documentation may include scores on the Iowa Test for Academic Proficiency, the California Achievement Test, or the Stanford Achievement Test. Students may also be considered for admission based on the regular freshman evaluation process AND meeting or exceeding the following SATII subject exam scores and showing proficiency with a foreign language equivalent to two years of high school foreign language completion. The required SAT II subject exams and minimum scores are as follows:



English Writing


English Literature


[Math IC] or [Math II C]

[550 on IC] or [570 on IIC]



Chemistry or Physics

[450 on Chemistry] or [590 on Physics]

American History & Social Studies


World History


Foreign Language

Foreign language proficiency must be satisfied by completing a college level foreign language class with a grade of "C" or better at another accredited/recognized college or university OR provide GCSU with your College Level Examination Program (CLEP) score of at least 50, or by passing a proficiency exam at Georgia College & State University.

Home-educated applicants are invited to contact the Director of Admissions for specific details regarding the evaluation process: (478) 445-1283, or toll-free, 1-800-342-0471, extension 1283.

Georgia College & State University • 231 W. Hancock St. • Milledgeville, GA 31061 • 1-800-342-0471 ; (478)445-5004 •