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Students have ten calendar years from the year they are admitted to GCSU to complete their bachelor degree. Students must graduate under the degree requirements in effect in the catalog under which they entered. Students who take longer than ten calendar years to complete their degree requirements must repeat the courses, if they are still required, that were taken before the start of the ten-year period.

The student is hereby informed and given due legal notice that all of these decisions are within the prerogative of the University, as previously determined by the courts, and are not subject to disciplinary-type due process requirements or strict application of contract law. When the student accepts admission into the college, he/she is agreeing to abide by and be governed by the policies, procedures, and requirements contained in the Catalog.

Students are responsible for keeping themselves apprised of current graduation requirements for the degree programs in which they are enrolled. Information of this type is available primarily in the Catalog. Any changes made since the publication of the Catalog are available from the Office of the Registrar, and the Dean of the College in which the student is enrolled. Students are encouraged to check their degree requirements by using the Degree Evaluation tool - DegreeWorks - on the secure myCATS page.

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