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All Honors students have the opportunity to participate in the Honors Residential Learning Community, an important "learning beyond the classroom" experience, which currently focuses on the theory and practice of global citizenship. In this community, we explore the idea of global citizenship: what it means to be a global citizen and what role concepts such as nationalism and patriotism play in a global society. We also study a select number of global issues each year -- issues that transcend national boundaries and geographic regions to affect all of us. These issues might include, but are not limited to, the environment and environmental justice, human rights, corporate responsibility, international development, natural resource management, public health, global migration, and globalization. Most importantly though, we explore ways in which we can positively impact these issues from here on campus. In this sense, we connect the local to the global and, in so doing, we take our first steps towards global citizenship.

As our Residential Learning Community reaches out beyond the classroom and beyond campus, we expect some students to participate in local and international service and service-learning programs. These students will bring their experiences back to campus, continuing our education and reinforcing our commitment to global citizenship.

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