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Prerequisite: C or higher in MATH 1115. This is part two of a two-course sequence that integrates the topics of Precalculus and Calculus I over two courses. This allows time to review and develop the precalculus topics in the context of understanding and developing the skills to solve calculus problems. This sequence provides students with a foundation in functions including polynomial, power, rational, exponential, logarithmic, and trigonometric functions and their inverses. For each class of functions, the student will study properties, graphs, and applications with calculus concepts. These calculus concepts will include limits, continuity, differentiation, and Riemann integration. A student may not receive credit for the MATH 1115-MATH 1116 sequence and the sequence MATH 1113-MATH 1261. A student may not receive credit for both MATH 1113 and MATH 1115 in areas A and D of the core. A student who transfers MATH 1115 and MATH 1116 to a USG institution will receive credit for MATH 1113 and Calculus I. A non-science major who transfers MATH 1115 to another USG institution will satisfy the Area A mathematics requirement. A science major who transfers only MATH 1115 to a USG institution is not guaranteed satisfaction of the Area A mathematics requirement. Approved for two-year pilot (2007-2009). Students who elect MATH 1116 in Area D will count three hours in Area D and one hour in Area F or in the last 60 hours of their undergraduate program.

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