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The Minor in African Studies is designed to introduce students to the study of African society, experience, and cultures. Students offering the minor must obtain a grade C or better in each class. They can petition the Dean to approve a course that focuses on African issues but is not found on the list of courses. However, no more than two courses can be taken from any one discipline such as English or Sociology. Students can also earn credits towards the minor by attending a study abroad program in Africa approved by the Coordinator.

Fifteen hours with grades of C or better distributed as follows:


AFST 2010

Introduction to African Studies (3 hours)


AFST 4010

African Country Project (3 hours)

3. Three courses (9 hours) selected from the following:

ARTS or AFST 4845

African Art History (3 hours)

ENGL or AFST 4451

African Literature (3 hours)

ENGL or AFST 4452

Africa's Women Writers (3 hours)

GEOG or AFST 3500

The Geography of Africa

MUSC or AFST 3800

African Music and Dance (3 hours)

POLS or AFST 4541

The Politics of Modern Africa (3 hours)

SOCI or AFST 3615

Law and Social Change in Africa (3 hours)

SOCI or AFST 4950

African Technology and Society (3 hours)


Traditional African Worldview and Education (3 hours)

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