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Students interested in minoring in Music must contact the Music department office about entrance requirements and auditioning.

Note: Many courses have prerequisites, and students should discuss their planning of the Minor curriculum with a Music Advisor assigned to them by the Department Chair.

Eighteen hours distributed as follows:


MUSC 1500

Elementary Music Theory I (3 hours)
(1501 Theory I Lab (1 hour) optional but highly recommended)

MUSC 1510

Elementary Music Theory II (3 hours)
(1501 Theory I Lab (1 hour) optional but highly recommended)


MUEN 1000 level Ensembles (three courses - 3 hours)


MUAP 1100

Applied Study (three courses - 3 hours)


MUSC 1990

Recital Attendance (three courses - 0 hours)


Select two or three courses to total 6 hours:

MUSC 4800

Studies in World Music (3 hours)

MUSC 3650

Survey of Jazz History (3 hours)

MUSC 3660

American Music (2 hours)

MUSC 3310

Music Technology II (2 hours)

MUSC 4210

Computer Music (2 hours)

MUSC 4310

Electro-acoustic Music Composition (2 hours)

MUSC 3400

Introduction to Conducting (2 hours)

MUSC 3470

Advanced Choral Conducting &Literature (2 hours)

MUSC 3480

Advanced Instrumental Conducting & Literature (2 hours)

MUSC 3360

Vocal Literature I (2 hours)

MUSC 3370

Vocal Literature II (2 hours)

Or other upper division MUSC courses approved by the Chair of the department.

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