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Since 1942, there has been an Honor Code at Georgia College & State University. This Code is a dynamic aspect of the University that helps to define its character as an institution of higher learning in the best liberal arts tradition. Through the years, this Code has given rise to an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust on the Georgia College & State University campus.

And, as a result of periodic examination and review, the Honor Code continues to grow stronger. After undergoing thoughtful study and meticulous revision during the 1998-99 academic year, the new Honor Code reflects a renewed desire of the present student generation for an honorable community and also guarantees stiff punishments for dishonorable actions.

The commitment to honor has its own rewards, but the Honor Code also brings responsibilities – a respect for the ideas, values, and property of others; a readiness to subordinate one’s own interests to the interests and well-being of the whole University community; and a dedication to abide by the rules of the University. In order to maintain an honorable campus, student commitment is vital. This commitment begins with personal integrity, extends to the refusal to condone violation of the rules, and ends with support of an appropriate punishment for those who violate the spirit and provisions of the Honor Code. Anything short of full commitment undermines the very essence of Georgia College & State University honor. Those who engage in dishonorable behavior may be banned from the University for one or two semesters, or permanently.

Students who are unfamiliar with the concept of honor or who have a history of dishonorable behavior are urged to consider alternatives to Georgia College & State University. However, those wishing to renew themselves in the spirit of honor will be invited to join the community of Georgia College & State University by formally embracing the Honor Code and signing the Honor Roll at the beginning of their academic career at GCSU (the Honor Code, however, is applicable to all students who matriculate at GCSU).

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