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Dr. Mike Gleason, Professor of Biology, 211 Herty Hall


Biology and Environmental Science

Dr. Michael Gleason, Professor of Biology, 211 Herty Hall

(478) 445-0813

(Predentistry, Preoptometry, Prephysician Assistant, Pre-medicine)


Dr. Kenneth S. Saladin, Professor of Biology, 236 Herty Hall

(478) 445-0816



Dr. Dennis Parmley, Professor of Biology, 105 Herty Hall

(478) 445-0817

(Preveterinary Medicine)


Dr. Christopher Skelton, Associate Professor of Biology, 134 Herty Hall

(478) 445-2440

(Preforestry/Natural Resources; Premedicine)


Dr. Ellen France, Assistant Professor of Biology, 242-B Herty Hall

(478) 445-1330



Chemistry and Physics

Dr. Douglas Pohl, Professor of Chemistry, 303 Herty Hall

(478) 445-4565

(Premedical Technology, Prephysician Assistant)


Dr. Rosalie Richards, Professor of Chemistry, 310 Herty Hall

(478) 445-7302

(Premedicine, Pre-dentistry)


Dr. Chavonda Mills, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, 309 Herty Hall

(478) 445-0819



Dr. Ronald Fietkau, Professor of Chemistry, 316 Herty Hall

(478) 445-5769




Dr. Mike Martino, Professor and Coordinator of Exercise Science,

(478) 445-6987

108-B Centennial Center


(Prephysical Therapy, Premedicine, Prephysician Assistant,


Preoccupational Therapy)


Government and Sociology

Dr. Jan Mabie, Professor of Government, 2-11 Arts & Sciences

(478) 445-0941




Mr. Kenneth W. Flowers, Lecturer of Mathematics


1-29 Arts & Science Bldg

(478) 445-5292

(Preengineering/Dual Degree)



Dr. Lee Gillis, Professor of Psychology, 1-18 Arts & Sciences Bldg.

(478) 445-4574

(Preoccupational Therapy, Premedicine-Psychiatry)


Each preprofessional advisor works with the student to plan a curriculum designed to meet the requirements for professional school admission. The preprofessional advisor is frequently a student’s academic advisor, but this will vary depending upon the student’s major. Preprofessional advisors should be consulted before and during the professional school application process. Since preprofessional requirements will vary, it is important to refer to catalogs of specific professional colleges and to consult with their admissions counselors as well. Also, keep in mind that professional colleges in many states do not accept out-of-state students, or do so on a limited basis.

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