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With the exception of those students on Financial Aid Warning (see below), the Financial Aid Office staff will determine whether the student has successfully completed the minimum expected number of hours with the required GPA and shown progress toward the educational degree for all completed semesters at the end of each academic year (Spring Semester). The review, which will occur during the summer, will include all hours attempted during the student's attendance period.

The following will be considered as semester hours successfully completed:

1. "A" through "D" grades

2. "S" satisfactory

3. "K" credit

4. "IC" institutional credit

The following shall not be considered as semester hours completed:

1. "F" failing

2. "I" incomplete

3. "W" withdrew

4. "U" unsatisfactory

5. "V" audit

6. "WF" withdrew failing

7. "IP" used in Learning Support


A student will be automatically placed on financial aid warning in the event that the student fails to meet the institutional Qualitative and Quantitative standards. A student in this category may receive financial aid for the next academic year, but will be reviewed at the end of that year. Students must have completed both the aggregate number of semester hours required and attain the overall institutional GPA required to establish satisfactory academic progress. If the student does not make up the deficiencies and remove himself/herself from financial aid warning, the student is considered to be making unsatisfactory academic progress and is placed on financial aid suspension. Financial aid suspension means the termination of all financial aid until the student has returned to a satisfactory academic progress standing.

A student who does not meet the time frame requirements will, without warning, become ineligible for financial aid.


A student whose financial aid has been suspended for failure to meet the institutional GPA and/or incremental progress requirements can become eligible for consideration for financial aid by, without financial aid, attend GCSU and re-establish satisfactory academic progress.

(a) A student who fails to meet satisfactory progress requirements a second time will become ineligible for any further aid.

(b) A student who returns to GCSU after being on financial aid suspension remains on financial aid suspension.


A student whose financial aid has been suspended may appeal in writing to the Director of Financial Aid. In the appeal, the student should state the reason(s) why satisfactory academic progress was not maintained, explain why aid should not be terminated, and list any extenuating circumstances that should be considered. Examples of these circumstances may include illness, death in the family, or other extenuating circumstances. Upon receiving a written letter of appeal, a meeting will be scheduled with the Director if needed. A student wishing to appeal the decision of the Director may do so, in writing, to the Financial Aid Internal Review (FAIR) Committee. A student wishing to appeal the decision of the FAIR Committee may do so, in writing, to the Assistant Vice President of Enrollment Management.

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