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  1. A student who desires transfer credit for educational experience in the armed forces should present evidence of such experiences to the Office of the Registrar, who will evaluate the courses taken and determine the appropriate amount of credit to be awarded. In those cases in which the evaluator desires consultation, the information is forwarded to the department chair of the student’s major. The department chair will determine the credit to be awarded.

    Upper-division credit may be awarded by the Office of the Registrar or recommended by the Department Chair of the area in which credit is sought.

  2. There is no limit on the number of hours of armed forces education experience credit that can be awarded at Georgia College & State University. However, a student earning armed forces credit must fulfill all GCSU residency regulations. In addition, at least 21 of the last 30 semester credit hours toward a degree must be completed at the 3000-4000 level.
  3. Grade transfer hours will be awarded for all university-level work accomplished at the University of Maryland Overseas Branch, University of California Overseas Branch, or any accredited college or university of the United States if the work performed was on a graded basis and not on a correspondence or pass-fail basis and if the work falls within a degree program of Georgia College & State University. The basic regulations regarding residence requirements cannot be waived. Courses deemed not acceptable for major or minor work in upper-division brackets by departmental chairpersons may be accepted for elective credit.
  4. Courses taken on a correspondence, pass-fail, or credit basis in institutions listed in Paragraph 3 above may be validated by passing an examination approved by the department concerned. Any fees will be charged to the student.
  5. Courses taken for credit in foreign universities may be accepted after evaluation by the Office of International Services and Programs. Local or College Level Examination Program course exams may be required and a fee charged. Upon the department Chairperson’s recommendation, such work will be accepted for credit.
  6. College-level United States Armed Forces Institute courses offered on a graded basis will be accepted under the provisions of Paragraphs 1 and 2 above. Courses taken on a pass-fail basis may be validated through the College Level Examination Program, course exams, or by departmental exams, for which a fee will be charged. The University rule for maximum limit of 30 semester hours of correspondence and extension courses may not be exceeded.
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