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“Lying” is defined as any attempt to deceive, falsify, or misrepresent the truth in any matter involving University business. University business includes but is not limited to, financial aid information, excuses for absences, statements to professors in order to reschedule tests or assignments, and responses to the queries of Public Safety officers.

“Cheating” is defined as the employment of or rendering of any illicit aid in any assigned work.

“Stealing” is defined as the appropriation of money or property belonging to another person, organization, or the University, or the borrowing of property without the knowledge of the owner.

“Plagiarism” is defined as presenting as one’s own work the words or ideas of an author or fellow student without proper documentation through quotation marks and footnotes or other accepted citation methods. Ignorance of these rules concerning plagiarism is not an excuse. When in doubt, students should seek clarification from the professor who made the assignment.

“Vandalism” is defined as intentional, malicious damage to University property or property belonging to others.

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