Strategic Planning

Our Path to Preeminence

The 2016 – 2021 Georgia College Strategic Plan

In 2015 and 2016, Georgia College & State University faculty, staff, and students joined together to create a strategic plan designed to move our university to preeminence among other public liberal arts institutions.  The plan below reflects the work of nearly 150 faculty, staff, and students who were involved in the planning effort.  The strategic plan was reviewed by University Senate at its meeting on September 16, 2016 with Senate voting to endorse the vision, value, and mission statements and the six goals identified in the plan.  Executive Cabinet subsequently approved the Strategic Plan at its meeting on October 18, 2016. The revised mission statement was approved by the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia at its meeting in October, 2017.

Read the 2016 Strategic Plan: Our Path to Preeminence:


FY21 Report on Accomplishments
FY21 Information Sheet

Read below the Implementation Plan for the 2016 Strategic Plan: Our Path to Preeminence. The Implementation Plan is a working document that provides important detail including action items which support each goal and initiative.

FY18 Implementation Plan (PDF) 
FY19-FY20 Implementation Plan (PDF)

Action Item Champions

See below a list of the strategic plan action item Champions with their assigned action items:

PDF of Action Item Champions for 2018-2019
PDF of Action Item Champions for 2019-2021

On-going Role of the Strategic Planning Steering Committee

From the early stages of its development, the university’s strategic plan was intended to be a living document that would be modified as needed throughout its five-year lifespan.  With the completion of the strategic plan, the role of the Strategic Planning Steering Committee also changed.  The committee now works with the President, vice presidents, and action item Champions to ensure progress toward goal accomplishment, and to report that progress to the campus community through an on-line dashboard.  The Steering Committee annually reviews reports of the Champions, and recommends to Executive Cabinet action item changes or additions designed to continue the university’s progress toward preeminence.  Details of the on-going role of the Steering Committee can be found in the Strategic Planning Steering Committee Procedures below.

PDF of Strategic Planning Steering Committee Procedures

Reports on Strategic Planning