Committee Structure and Membership

To accomplish the strategic planning process, the following working committees have been established:

Strategic Planning Steering Committee 2021-2022

The Steering Committee will oversee the process, conduct a review of the mission, ensure communication with the campus and broader community, receive input from the subcommittees, and write the strategic plan.

  • Diana Young, University Senate Representative, Co-Chair
  • Holley Roberts, Co-Chair
  • Brian Newsome
  • Cara Smith
  • Chris Ferland
  • Hedwig Fraunhofer
  • Joel Robinson
  • Jordan Cofer
  • Lamonica Sanford
  • Liz Speelman
  • Mark Pelton
  • Michael Watson
  • James Robertson, Student Representative
  • Omar Odeh
  • Shawn Brooks
  • Susan Kerr
  • William (Bill) Donoher

Former Steering Committee Members:

Michael Stratton
Carolyn Denard
Chavonda Mills
David Johnson
Roddran Grimes
Nathan Graham, Student Representative
Laura Ahrens, Student Representative
Robert Blumenthal, RPIPC/University Senate Representative
Jan Hoffman, University Senate Representative
David Johnson, University Senate Representative
Juawn Jackson, Student Representative
Meghan Pittman, Student Representative
Ken McGill  
Bill Doerr
Andy Lewter
James Carlisle
Veronica Womack
Linda Bradley
Bob Orr
Jamie Addy, University Senate Representative
Dale Young, Co-Chair
Suzanne Pittman
Carol Sapp
Sandra Gangstead, Co-Chair

Student Quality and University Distinction Committee

Focus: inputs - new admits and GC distinctiveness.

Mike Augustine

Anna Whiteside

John Bowen

Tsu-Ming Chiang

Craig Henry

Kendra Russell

Cynthia Alby

Mike Muller, Student Representative

Ramon Blakley

Kay Anderson

Academic Programs Committees

Undergraduate Committee

Focus: undergraduate programs (majors and minors) and General Education (by coordinating with the Liberal Arts Renewal Project).

Tanya Goette, Chair

Brandon Samples

Kristina Dandy

Debbie Greene

Steve Jones

Jamie Addy

Holley Roberts

Cara Smith

Graduate Committee

Focus: graduate programs, enrollment, and delivery (on- and off-campus; online and face-to-face).

Parris Story

Debby MacMillan

Marcia Peck

Jeff Dowdy

Lynn Hanson

Kalina Manoylov

Ben McMillan

Lyndall Muschell

Lisa Griffin

Anthony Boynton, Student Representative

William Fleming, Student Representative

Costas Spirou, Liaison to Graduate Council

Liberal Arts Renewal Project

Focus: (re)define/clarify what public liberal arts means at Georgia College and assist the Undergraduate Committee in the development of distinctive undergraduate initiatives.

International Education Committee

Focus: study abroad and international recruitment.

Liz Havey

Jason Wynn

Peter Rosado

Gennady Rudkevich

Melanie Devore

Sallie Coke

Jehan El-Jourbagy

Mary Magoulick

Academic Support Committees

Library Committee

Focus: Library services in a public liberal arts university that emphasize engagement among faculty, staff, and students.

Joe Mocnik, Chair

Joe Windish

Jenny Harris

Jennifer Price

Evan Leavitt

Jeff Dowdy

Kell Carpenter

Donna Bennett

Matt Roessing

Charlie Weaver

Shaundra Walker

Altimease Lowe, Student Representative

Student Success Committee

Focus: outputs - progression and graduation; define the attributes/characteristics expected of GC graduates.

Carolyn Denard, Chair

Erin Weston

Jeanne Haslam

Nadirah Mayweather

Beauty Bragg

Eric Braun

James Carlisle

Mary Roberts

Kevin Blanch

Ryan Brown

Jeanne Sewell

Joy Godin

Lauren Cryder, Student Representative

Facilities Committee

Focus: physical facilities across the main and satellite campuses of GC.

Mark Duclos, Co-chair

Michael Rickenbaker, Co-chair

Chris Hindman

Ken McGill

Gretchen M. Ionta

Alice Loper

Mike Martino

Deanie Waddell

Lewis Steele

Financial Resources Committee

Focus: budget, auxiliaries, grants and sponsored projects, and campus services.

Susan Allen, Chair

James Payne

Lorraine Neligan

​Kyle Cullars

Alice Loper

Robin Lewis

Cindy Bowen

Wendy Mullen

Akwai Agoons

Charlie Faber, Student Representative

Outreach and Community Engagement Committee

Focus: ENGAGE, GIVE Center, and outreach units (e.g., School of Continuing and Professional Studies and the Science Education Center).

Artis Williamson, Chair

Molly Randolph

Julie Cook

Renee Fontenot

Ruth Eilers

Julia Metzker

Kendall Stiles

Liz Speelman

Simone Bridgeforth, Student Representative

University Advancement Committee

Focus: alumni, scholarships, annual giving, endowment growth, and capital campaign.

Monica Delisa, Chair

Mindy Miller

Elizabeth Hines

Kim Taylor

Matt Davis

Ken Procter

Patricia Hightower

Makayla Hays, Student Representative

Campus Life Committee

Focus: co-curricular programs such as the arts, residence life, Greek life, student life, athletics, and intramurals.

Tom Miles, Chair

Wendell Staton

Bert Rosenberger

Hance Patrick

Neca Kubo

Lori Burns

Liz Speelman

Ally Barys, Student Representative

Hannah Baumgarten, Student Representative

Charles Morgan, Student Representative

Other Committees

Faculty Committee

Focus: Faculty recruitment, retention, and productivity.

Ashok Hegde, Chair

Barbara Funke

Sunita Manian

Alex Blazer

Ed Stanley

Robert Blumenthal

Wendy Mullen

Chesley Mercado

Kim Cossey

Staff Committee

Focus: Staff recruitment, retention, and productivity.

Ryan Greene, Chair

Patrice Terrell

Javier Francisco

Jamie Defoor

Lindy Ruark

Susan Daniels

Kathy Waers

Jon Meyer