Strategic Planning Timeline

Spring/Summer 2021

  • Promote achievements of 2016-2021 as guided by the FY18 and FY19/20 reports

  • Collaborate with library on building a repository of materials on the future of higher education
  • Champions submit FY21 Reports by June/July deadline
  • Plan for year-long speaker series on trends in higher education

Fall 2021

  • Extend current 2016-2021 Plan through FY22

  • Share achievements of the 2016-2021 strategic plan

    • Welcome Back Event for faculty

    • University Senate Meetings

    • Town Halls

    • Multiple stories over time from University Communications

  • Steering Committee

    • Confirmation of members

    • Sub-Committee review of champion reports

    • Complete Annual Report

  • Engage notable speakers on trends in higher education

Spring/Summer 2022

  • Seek input from Executive Cabinet
  • Design improved process for developing the next five-year plan
  • Develop Subcommittees for Five-Year Review
  • Plan kickoff event
  • Update Website
    • Committees
    • Library of materials on the future of higher education to assist subcommittees

Fall 2022

  • Start new Strategic Planning Kickoff (August)
    • Subcommittee launch and charge w/President
  • Streamline/Consider assessment/reporting practices
  • Subcommittees meet and report in late fall
  • Update website routinely with subcommittee minutes

Spring/SUmmer 2022

  • Steering Committee modifies goals and initiatives and develops new action items based on subcommittee reports and Executive Cabinet input
  • Approval process of new GC Strategic Plan
    • Executive Cabinet, Senate (April)
    • ¬†Notify SACSCOC, USG

Fall 2023

  • Complete final report on existing Strategic Plan
  • Implement new strategic plan (2023-2028)