Campus Policies Related to Student Involvement

Section 1: Campus Policies

The following is information regarding campus policies that may be related to student organizations and any corresponding events:


All advertising must be approved and stamped by the Department of Campus Life prior to its distribution on campus. Advertising which has not been approved will be removed and the individual(s) or organization(s) will be liable for disciplinary action.

The steps in receiving approval for signs or posters are as follows:

  1. Construct sign or poster to the proper specifications.
  2. Have the poster approved at the Department of Campus Life in the Student Activities Center.
  3. Place the posters in approved areas only.

Stipulations regarding the placement of posters and signs are as follows: 

  • All signs or posters used by approved student organizations shall be approved by the Department of Campus Life.
  • All signs or posters may be placed on bulletin boards located in specific areas on campus.
  • No signs or posters are to be placed on glass doors or glass areas. No signs or posters are to be placed on walls. Specific permission is needed to put signs on any brick-walled building.
  • Signs or posters shall be placed on bulletin boards by thumb tacks; staples, tape or adhesives are not allowed.

Only approved student organizations, departments, and contracted or Bobcat Card vendors can advertise on the Georgia College campus. 

Limitations on the size, content, and length of time posters may be displayed are as follows:

  • Signs or posters are not to exceed 22" by 28" (poster size) unless approved by the building manager.
  • Refreshments shall be used in place of words denoting alcoholic beverages on all organization social function signs.
  • No signs or posters encouraging the excessive use of alcohol will be approved. No obscene material will be allowed on signage.
  • All signs or posters may be advertised a maximum of ten days prior to an event.
  • Signs or posters must refer to a specific event.
  • Outdated signs or posters shall be removed by the advertising organization within 48 hours after an event. Any organization not adhering to this guideline may face advertising restrictions.
  • A maximum of 25 signs or posters will be approved for placement under this policy.


Information regarding the approval and usage of banners are as follows:

  • The use of banners is limited to only recognized student organizations and GC departments. No commercial advertisements should be distributed in this way on the GC campus. Exceptions may be granted by the Vice President of Business and Finance or the Vice President of Student Affairs, and are subject to provisions within this policy.


Bobcat Vision is a student fee supported electronic billboard system that utilizes modern technology and is designed to inform the campus community of events and to build ethos. Its primary focus is to inform the student population of involvement opportunities on campus, to notify the campus of all major upcoming events, and to be a reliable source of news updates.

The system is available to student groups, campus departments, and any other university affiliated entities. Bobcat Vision is a student-fee supported program, as such, student events/announcements will he of a higher priority than posting requests from departments, auxiliary service groups, or any other university affiliated organization.

Bobcat Vision has limited space, yet reaches the entire campus, as such, not all posting request will be honored, at the discretion of the University Communications and the Department of Campus Life. The events/ announcements that are posed to Bobcat Vision should be applicable to a large number of students within the university. Moreover, the events should be open to the whole student body and should show diversity across majors, classifications, social status, etc. Further, University Communications will maintain the ability to post or remove a requested posting at any time pending the office’s decision regarding the pertinence of a post as it relates to a significant portion of the student body.

Any organization requesting a posting submission must adhere to the following rules and guidelines:

  • Advertisements for an event on Bobcat Vision will appear up to 14 business days prior to the event. University Communications reserves the right to extend an advertisement beyond the 14 day period if proper consideration is requested.
  • All the events/announcements requested, should take place directly on campus, or directly relate to the Milledgeville area.
  • Student organizations wanting to advertise club meetings, and the like, are asked to identify which groups of students they are specifically targeting in an effort to help University Communications furnish announcements to specific buildings, as opposed to general campus announcements. 
  • Ethos and Programming advertisements (e.g. Homecoming, Commencement, Midnight Madness, etc.) are prioritized higher than general announcements and other advertisements may be delayed or reduced in order to serve the intended purpose of the program.
  • Auxiliary services and non-university business that may have some level of university affiliation (e.g. Cat Cash accepting businesses throughout the community), may request advertisement space as available, but may do so for a fee to be determined by the Student Government Association, University Communications, and the Department of Campus Life working in conjunction with University Advancement and Auxiliary Services.

The following are acceptable content requests:

  • Events (For all players/buildings) - Any University, Athletic, Music & Theatre, Greek, or Club-sponsored “EVENT” with a definitive single start and finish, that has a “direct impact” on the student body.
  • Where the “event” is defined as any forum, meeting, reading, speech, game, performance, recital, concert, fair, exhibition, or party.
  • Where “direct impact” is defined as content [of an event] that will have a positive impact on student development, or is of interest in fostering an enjoyable campus environment.
  • Where “direct impact” does not include events indirectly effecting students in regard to faculty/staff development, or university research.
  • Where exact events reoccurring would require separate requests per event.
  • Where events may be submitted up to 30 days prior, but will only be aired for the 14 days until the event. You may request special consideration in regards to this time requirement.
  • Announcements (for all players/buildings) - Any University, Athletic, Music & Theatre, Greek, or Club-sponsored ANNOUNCEMENT effecting a significant portion of the student body on campus, as determined by the Department of Campus Life.
  • Where announcement is defined as any measurable accomplishment by a student or student group, university recognition in national publication, or change to academic, organization, of university policy.
  • Where announcements may be submitted up to 30 days prior, but will only be aired for the 14 days until the event. You may request special consideration in regards to this time requirement.
  • Announcements (for building-specific player) - Any University, Athletic, Music & Theatre, Greek, or Club-sponsored ANNOUNCEMENT effecting a significant portion of the student body normally trafficking in a specified building as determined by University Communications.
  • Where announcements is defined as any measureable accomplishment by a student or student group, university recognition in national publication, or change to academic or university policy.
  • Where announcements may be submitted up to 30 days prior, but will only be aired for the 14 days until the event. You may request special consideration in regards to this time requirement.

Unacceptable content requests include the following:

  • Request for student involvement in survey research
  • Events not located within the city of Milledgeville
  • For-profit promotions by university departments or partners except in cases of paid for advertisement.
To submit a Bobcat Vision request, visit OrgSync to fill out the Bobcat Vision Advertising Request Form.


The following forms of speech are strictly prohibited without exception:

  • Chalking making reference to the use, sale, consumption, or distribution of alcohol and illegal drugs.
  • Hate speech – herein defined as speech attacking or disparaging an individual or group based on sex, race, religion, national origin, handicap, or sexual orientation.
  • Sexually explicit or obscene material.

The following are chalking designations and regulations:

  • Chalking on campus is limited to recognized student organizations and GC departments, and is permitted only on paved sidewalks.
  • Chalking can be done only on flat concrete surfaces, thereby prohibiting chalking on steps, brick surfaces, benches, fountains, private property, trash cans, newsstands, trees, columns, bus stops, and any other object or area that is not a flat sidewalk concrete surface.
  • Chalking must be conducted in open areas that can be directly washed by rain.
  • The substance used for chalking must be water-soluble and easily washable by water or rain.
  • Chalking must be clear and legible, must bear the name of the student organization or department, and must provide current contact information.

The Department of Campus Life will notify the party responsible for improper chalking, and provide the said party with 24 hours to clean up the chalking in violation of this policy. Should the offending party not act to remove the chalk within the allotted 24-hour time period, the said party will be billed for all costs associated with the clean-up of the chalk.
Information specifying designated areas may be obtained through the Department of Campus Life.


The following rules are policy for on-campus dances sponsored by student organizations at Georgia College:

  • Dances with open admission are not an appropriate means for organizational fundraising. 
  • The sponsoring organization must provide an adviser and students to work for the duration of the event. The number of students provided must be equal to the number of entrances to the room being used for the dance (accordingly, MSU Lounge requires one adviser and two students). Two of these people are to staff the admission table at the front door to check IDs, collect money, stamp hands, sign in guests, and prevent guests from walking down MSU hallways. The others are to be posted at the other entrances to the room, to prevent unauthorized entrance. 
  • Dances are open only to GC students and their invited guests. Current students of other colleges and alumni of a sponsoring Greek organization may also attend as guests. Admission of guests must follow these procedures:  
  • Individual guests may be admitted only if accompanied and sponsored by a Georgia College student. Each Georgia College student may have no more than one guest. Guests must be at least 18 years of age and present a picture ID for admission. A guest and his or her host must sign in together at the admission table. Guests must leave with their host or the host with their guest if either leave before the conclusion of the event. Hosts are responsible for the behavior of their guests and/or alumni.
  • Fraternity/sorority alumni of sponsoring Greek organizations may be admitted to the event, with a picture ID and appropriate Greek paraphernalia or identification.
  • Current students of other colleges must show a valid college ID for admission. 

All dances must be approved in advance by the Director of Campus Life. As part of the approval process, the appropriate representative of the sponsoring organization must submit a signed copy of these rules, and a contract must be signed between the DJ (or other entertainers) and the organization. The DJ will not be allowed to advertise the event off the GC campus, and will forfeit his or her fee for doing so. 
Arrangements must be made with the Georgia College Public Safety at least two weeks in advance to arrange two officers to work the event. One Campus Police officer will patrol the dance area and one will patrol the parking lot area. The officers must be hired from the advertised start time of the event until 30 minutes after the closing of the event. Campus police reserves the right to close down an event if the officers or advisors perceive that the sponsoring organization is being irresponsible or uncooperative with the officers or advisors. . 
All fire safety rules must be followed.  No more than 200 people may be admitted to dances in the MSU Lounge and no more than 400 in the Magnolia Ballroom. 
Posters with dance rules must be posted by the sponsoring organization, one outside the event venue and one inside near the admission table. 


The information regarding political flyers are as follows:

  1. Special Events include Student Government Elections and University Wide events (i.e., Homecoming, Anniversary Celebrations, Festivals, etc.).

All material distributions for special events that will use the special provisions must be registered and approved through the Department of Campus Life at least five (5) calendar days prior to the handing out or placement of materials.


Any registered student organization hosting a social event, whether on-campus or off-campus will be expected to abide by all applicable local, state, and federal laws and regulations. All social events on campus must be approved by the Director of Campus Life and must be in compliance with Georgia College & State University policies and procedures for student organizations. If the event is held on campus facilities, appropriate facility usage request forms must be submitted to Public Services where approval of the appropriate building/area supervisor will be obtained. A damage deposit must accompany the application in order for the request to receive full consideration. All applications must be approved in entirety one week prior to the date of the requested event.

Each organization sponsoring a social event on campus property must sign a statement of responsibility and a waiver of liability included on the Social Function Application releasing Georgia College & State University from liability for personal injury or damages to property, littering or destruction, and cleanup of Georgia College & State University property. All scheduled events shall terminate at designated times. If the organization plans to serve alcoholic beverages during the social event, they must adhere to the alcohol policy of the university. Organization advisors must be present at all social events where alcohol may be present.

The Board of Regents recognizes and supports the laws of Georgia with respect to the sale, use, distribution, and possession of alcoholic beverages on university campuses as well as within the state at large. Disciplinary sanctions for violation of the policies or other unauthorized use of alcoholic beverages shall be included in each institution's disciplinary code of conduct.

Copies of policies and procedures, forms and information relative to the implementation of system policy on the Georgia College & State University campus are available upon request from the department of campus life in the Student Activities Center.

Please note the following policies:

  1. All registered student organization members, faculty, or staff using university facilities and serving alcoholic beverages must be in full compliance with the Board of Regents Alcohol On Campus policy as well as Georgia College & State University Policies and Procedures for social functions.
  2. Coordinators of events shall complete a Social Function Application one week prior to the proposed function.
  3. Coordinators of events must sign a statement of responsibility and waiver of liability releasing Georgia College & State University from liability for personal injury or damages.
  4. Organization members or appropriate faculty or staff members will accept full responsibility for any personal injuries, damages to property, littering or destruction, and cleanup of Georgia College & State University property.
  5. Registered student organizations must submit an appropriate damage and cleanup deposit attached to the Social Function Application.
  6. All registered student organization events shall terminate on or before 12:00 midnight with the exception of the Maxwell Student Union Lounge and the Magnolia Ballroom where events may be held until 1:00 a.m.

If registered student organizations plan to serve alcoholic beverages during the social event (no sale is permitted on state property) they must be served no later than 30 minutes prior to the termination time, and within the following guidelines:

  • Alcoholic beverages may be served outside only at the J. Michael Peeler Athletic Complex picnic area and the Lake Laurel Lot.
  • Alcoholic beverages are served inside only within the Maxwell Student Union, the Magnolia Ballroom, and the Lake Laurel Lodge.
  • Whenever alcoholic beverages are served, equally accessible, alternative, nonalcoholic beverages and snacks, or food must also be served.
  • Specific regulations for use of alcoholic beverages by registered student organizations must be followed.
  • Locations and conditions regarding faculty/staff receptions where alcohol is served may be approved on a case by case basis through the Division of Administrative Services and Campus Operations in conjunction with the Department of Public Service.

Violations of the Social Functions Policy will result in the termination of further privileges and may include other possible disciplinary actions or sanctions.


The following are the substance abuse policies of Georgia College & State University:

  • Persons under 21 years of age cannot possess or consume alcoholic beverages.
  • Appropriate signs must be posted to this effect at the point of serving.
  • Persons must not present any false identification, either written or oral, in order to obtain alcoholic beverages.
  • Persons of legal drinking age must not provide alcoholic beverages to underage persons.
  • The sale of alcohol on campus is illegal and expressly forbidden.
  • No alcoholic beverage should be given to any person who is in an obvious state of intoxication.
  • Persons and/or organizations who serve alcoholic beverages are responsible for the damages, both to person and property, incurred by those served.
  • Any person who is intoxicated can be prevented from driving a motor vehicle by campus police officers.
  • Intoxication will not be accepted as an excuse for disorderly conduct on campus.
  • Sponsoring organization members must employ a campus police officer to check ID's for legal drinking age and monitor the use of alcoholic beverages at events.
  • All on-campus student organization events involving alcohol must be personally cleared with the Director of Campus Life.
  • Sponsoring organization advisers are strongly encouraged to attend any event at which alcohol is served.
  • Open containers with alcoholic beverages cannot be carried outside the specific location of the event.
  • Public advertising of any event must not include any specific mention of alcohol. The word “refreshments” must be used in place of words denoting alcoholic beverages.
  • The number of guests at events where alcohol is served must be restricted to the legal fire capacity limit.
  • There will be no events involving alcohol on-campus or off-campus during new student orientation.
  • Alcohol cannot be given as a prize for contests, games, and other such activities.
  • The consumption of alcohol is prohibited at all organized campus athletic events.
  • The use of university or student activities funds for the purchase of alcoholic beverages is prohibited.
  • Drinking games or activities contributing to alcoholic overindulgence are prohibited.
  • Alcohol can be served in designated areas only on Fridays and Saturdays (See Social Functions Policy.)
  • Sponsoring organizations must have designated drivers available.
  • Appropriate amounts of alternative beverages and food must be available at events.
  • The amount of alcoholic beverages present must be appropriate for the nature of the event, the estimated attendance, and the amount of food and non- alcoholic beverages present.
  • Persons of legal drinking age and persons of non-legal drinking age must be identified by colored nontransferable wrist bands or predestinated equivalent method of identification.
  • A maximum of four hours serving time of alcoholic beverages at any event must be strictly enforced.
  • No outside alcoholic beverages may be brought in or allowed at the social function, unless coolers are approved in advance for specific outdoor functions.
  • Locations and conditions regarding faculty/staff receptions where alcohol is served may be approved on a case by case basis by the division of business and finance.

Although decisions related to substance use/abuse are personal choices, resulting behavior may have negative impact on the decision maker and others. When behavior infringes on the rights and/or property of others at Georgia College & State University, and is related to the use of alcohol and/or other controlled substances, or when illegal activity involving the use of such substances becomes known, it is the responsibility of Georgia College & State University to take appropriate action.

If a student is involved in a substance abuse related offense, he may, in addition to other possible actions, be referred to the university's substance awareness and abuse program. Very often a drug problem has its roots in serious personal and emotional difficulties. The student will be required to attend an alcohol/drug education workshop. Depending on the seriousness of the incident, a student may be referred directly to the university's substance awareness and abuse program or to professional alcohol/drug counseling and remediation services, or other actions may be taken.

All participants must attend the alcohol/drug education workshop within one semester of receipt of an offense letter, if attending as part of a disciplinary sanction.

If a referred student does not attend the workshop, the facilitator will notify the appropriate official in writing. If the student has just cause for not attending, the student must notify the facilitator at least 24 hours prior to the workshop, and reschedule for another workshop time.

The purpose of the alcohol/drug education workshop is to give participants an opportunity to analyze and assess their drug related attitudes and actions, and to prevent related problems from occurring in the future. The Oconee Center for Alcohol and Drug Services is available for further screening, treatment, and rehabilitation. If such a referral is made, the financial responsibility for this service will rest solely with the student and/or the student's family. The university will not be responsible for private therapy.


Lighted tobacco products may be used only in the areas designated in red on the map.  View Map

Smoking is restricted primarily to university parking lots, with the exception of the lot outside Parks Hall, and to a few additional designated areas such as the garden space behind Parks Hall and small areas outside Russell Auditorium, the library and Bell Hall. The map provides details.