Student Involvement

Section 1: Welcome 

Campus Life is excited about your interest in student organizations. We recognize that student organizations provide a valuable service to the Georgia College & State University community by providing leadership development, spirit, activism, community service, and social and cultural interaction. As a student at Georgia College, you have the unique opportunity to participate in a wide variety of activities. Involvement in student organizations is a great way to get connected to the campus, build leadership skills, meet people and have fun! There are many benefits to being involved on campus, such as:

  • It eases your transition from one school to another or from high school to college. It provides networking opportunities for making friends with those with similar interests. 
  • Involved students are more likely to graduate. 
  • Involved students are more connected to the University, the campus, the people, and are more familiar with the resources the University provides. 
  • Involved students are more satisfied with their college experience. 
  • Your personal development is enhanced with participation in intellectual, cultural, spiritual and social activities. 
  • You will gain knowledge, skills and experience in leadership, communication, problem-solving, group development and management, budgeting and finance, presentation and public speaking, and much more! 
  • You will be more aware of happenings on campus. 
  • You can list your involvement on your resume for potential employers! 

Student organizations exist to provide students with valuable educational experiences. Every student is invited to participate in activities and find a place to belong. Campus Life believes involvement outside of the classroom is an important aspect of your education at Georgia College. Any student can take the initiative to create a new student organization. There is an organization to meet your needs, whether you arrive at Georgia College with outstanding leadership ability or emerging potential.

Campus life expects that all student organizations exemplify respect and inclusion in all organization events and activities. As you represent your organization through its events and activities, please remember that you are also representing Georgia College & State University. Please review the guidelines and policies in this handbook. Feel free to consult campus life for clarification, guidance, and advice at any time. We encourage and welcome feedback on this handbook and all programs and services offered by our department. Come visit us in the student center! 

Section 2: Principles of Diversity 

Georgia college & state university comprises a diverse community. Campus life and daily interactions are enriched by our acceptance of the diversity within the university community. Underlying GC's educational goals are basic values that include intellectual honesty; mutual respect; freedom from discrimination; and the abhorrence of intimidation, harassment, disruption or violence aimed at limiting these freedoms, or interfering with a student, faculty, or staff member's performance.

Section 3: Diversity 

Campus life affirms their positive commitment toward diversity and for inspiring a student-centered multicultural community with many opportunities to learn from our likenesses and differences.

Section 4: Membership 

We encourage every student organization to make a conscious effort to undertake recruitment efforts to ensure diversity within the group's membership and to take steps to reach populations currently underrepresented. Recruitment materials and activities should be designed to promote and embrace diversity.

Section 5: Membership Development 

Joining a student organization should be a positive experience; therefore, membership development should focus upon the positive aspects of both the organization and the individual. Groups should carefully examine their screening criteria to ensure that it is inclusive of all students on campus. Abusive behavior toward, or hazing of, a member of the campus community is forbidden. Please see the sections on "non-hazing" and "disciplinary procedures" for additional details.