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Tropical Ecology in the Bahamas

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Tropical Ecology in the Bahamas

This study tour is designed to engage Georgia College alumni and retirees who have studied with Dr. Melanie DeVore, worked alongside her, or just have a desire to learn more about the ecology of the Bahamas.

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Explore the Bahamas in a way you have never seen it before!  The land, sea, and air are rich in biodiversity with miles of islands, reefs, ecosystems, marine life, wildlife, human life, and more!

Flowers Bahamas

San Salvador Island is widely believed to be the first land sighted by Christopher Columbus' expedition to the New World in 1492. He names it San Salvador after Christ the Saviour.

Agave plant Bahamas

Through this educational experience, participants will engage in a one-hour lecture that will inform the days' field exploration.

Beyond the classroom, participants will have the opportunity to go snorkeling, caving, and hiking. Explore the market, flavors of the Bahamas, and cultural events. 



San Salvador Rainbow

San Salvador

San Salvador is one of the 700 islands that make up the Bahamas Archipelago located along the subsiding continental margin off the coast of Florida. While the entire archipelago extends 1,400 km north to south, the Commonwealth of The Bahamas is approximately 1,126.5 km from Grand Bahama to Inagua, the southernmost island.

San Salvador is known for snorkeling, diving, fishing, and the historic monuments that reside through the island.

The local resident population on San Salvador today consists of approximately 1000 persons who live in several small communities around the perimeter of the island. The capital is Cockburn Town, located on the west coast of San Salvador, houses the local government offices, the police, the post office, a telecommunications center, a government clinic, and an electrical utilities company.



Sandy Beach

Rum Cay is home to historical ruins, white sandy beaches, and marine life. It's a beautiful place to relax, snorkel, or explore shore.





Dixon Light House

The Dixon Lighthouse was built 1887 and stands 163 feet above sea level with a visibility of 19 miles. 

Visitors can climb the spiral staircase to reach to the top and gaze out over the land's beautiful island and sea.

Still active, this lighthouse flashes a light every 25 seconds for the benefit of passing ships.




Welcome to San Salvador

Landfall Park includes several monuments that commemorate the arrival of Christopher Columbus. This park also includes the Mexican monument which housed the Olympic flame in 1968 as it traversed from Greece to Mexico City.



Great Cut Bahamas

If you are a diver, the Great Cut will give you a thrill as you dive into a deep 140+ canyon and swim through reefs, coral, and marine life, including sharks!



Watlings Castle Bahamas

The ruins of a late 18th-century plantation home was owned by a buccaneer names George Watling. This archeological site has been studied by researchers associated with the Gerace Research Center.

Faculty Experts

Dr. Melanie DeVore

Dr. Melanie Devore has a Ph.D. in Plant Biology, and 20 years of research, teaching, and service in conservation and marine science in the Bahamas.  her major research is in paleobotany and she is an authority on floras of the Paleocene and Eocene, the period used to model modern climate change.

Dr. DeVore has field experience on Abaco, Andros, Cat Island,Long Island, Inagua, and New Providence Islands in the Bahamas. She has participate in research on San Salvador Island and has led multiple study abroad programs for Georgia College students.

Dr. DeVore enjoys... PERSONAL FLAVOR



Riding Rock Resort

This resort includes an all inclusive package for the diver and non-diver visitor.  All meals are provided.


The Gerace Research Center (GRC) is located on the shore of Graham's Harbour on the north coast of SanSalvador. The center has been in operation since 1971 and offers facilities for students, professors, and researchers from around the world to study in a tropical environment.

Educational activities will be conducted on site at the Gerace Research Center.

Gerace Research Center


Health & Safety

Please read the COVID-19 Travel Protocols as outlined by the Gerace Research Centre.


Pre-Trip Meeting

Prior to the Study Tour, we will offer a pre-trip meeting that will provide details about travel, excursions, and expectations for learning.



Participate in this extraordinary study tour to learn about the tropical ecology in the Bahamas.

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