Changes to Student Email

Exciting changes are coming to your email. Georgia College IT is moving student email from Google to Microsoft 365.  Moving to Microsoft 365 will create a unified platform across campus. With change comes questions but we are here to help make the transition as seamless as possible so you don’t skip a beat.

The benefits of this change fall into three categories of improvement. Learn more about how Microsoft 365 will enhance your educational experience and prepare you to use the tool used in many industries.

Please check the "Training and Resources" area for a list of things to do in preparation for the upcoming migration.

A word from our CIO, Susan Kerr.

We appreciate your feedback. Please feel free to contact with questions or suggestions.


Functionality: There are so many different meeting and file-sharing platforms. Having everything under one platform makes life easier. 

· Ability to gain experience with a primary industry-standard suite of tools. You will gain skills in software many industries are already using. 
· Same platform allows better integration. Since you are already using the MS suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) this change will allow for seamless file sharing and collaboration.
· Matches other USG institutions. Not only will we be on the same platform campus-wide but to many other schools in the GA system. 
· Directory functionality that will allow easier lookup of email addresses via a global address book 
· Access files via OneDrive when using Thundercloud. 

Collaboration: Now more than ever, being able to collaborate from anywhere is key. With Teams, One Drive, and Share Point you have the option of so many features. These can come in handy for quick meetings or long-term projects and classes.

· Common, robust conferencing and communication tools 
· Feature-rich calendaring for students with the potential to view instructor’s calendar and schedule meetings seamlessly 
· Content co-authoring online and offline 
· Chat-based workspaces for today’s teams 
· Simplified experiences for team setup and membership across apps – student clubs, classes, committees, etc. 

Security: Microsoft will add security to your email and files. Collaborate and share files with confidence.

· Data Loss Prevention (DLP) tools for student Email 
· Anti-SPAM and Anti-Phishing tools for student Email 
· Litigation Hold for student Email 
· Ediscovery for student Email 
· Consistent Multi-Factor Authentication for student Email 
· Robust “Safe-Listing” of University-approved Email distributions 
· Encrypted inter-campus Email 
· Compliance Standards (HIPAA, HITECH, ITAR FedRAMP, FISMA, EU Model Clauses, ISO, SSAE, SOC (1, 2, & 3), FERPA, GLBA) 
· Proven commitment to confidentiality, integrity, and availability, ensuring business continuity in case of a data breach or physical disaster 

Student email changes timeline

This change will be made over the summer, likely from July 2 – July 5. Since many of you will not be on campus, we want to make sure you know how to get assistance before you leave. It will be imperative for you to be able to check your email in the new Microsoft platform after the transition so that you do not miss important announcements regarding fall semester. 


Will my email address change?
No, your email will remain the same. 

What will happen to my files in Google Drive? All files will need to be transferred to OneDrive. We will provide step-by-step instructions soon.

Is it mandatory that I switch from Google platform to Microsoft? 
Yes, it is mandatory to switch since your email will be supported by Outlook. The Microsoft 365 platform allows for added security while providing a cohesive platform across campus to improve collaboration with faculty. 

Will Google Drive files will be accessible after this change? 
We expect you will be able to access all old emails and files on your Google Drive for a period of time. We recommend you back all important files to your new OneDrive account for a more seamless experience in the Microsoft Platform. 

How will Chrome books access the new platform? 
All the Microsoft 365 applications can be used online. To access your email after the switch, please use 

Please see the information from Microsoft Office about installing and running Microsoft Office on Chromebook

Will this be compatible with all computers?  
Microsoft 365 is compatible with all computers. It is fully functional through web access with any internet browser: 

How will this affect Summer Session classes? 
The timeline for this project was picked with the summer session schedule in mind. There are no classes on the Friday or the Monday of the shutdown. We expect you will still be able to access your old emails via Google if needed for reference. 

Can I continue to forward my emails to another mailbox?
When forwarding emails to another mailbox you will loose important functionality and encryption security found in Outlook. We recommend that you do not forward your Outlook account to another email address. 

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Training and Resources

Things to do in preparation for the change

  • If you have not already done so, enroll in DUO.

What is DUO?         
Get started with DUO

  • It is important to take this opportunity to clean out old files and back up important ones. If you have a personal Gmail account, you can use that as a secondary location for your files. An external hard drive or flash are good options. 

Transferring files as a PC user.   
Transferring files as a Mac user.

Resources are under development. if you have any items you would like us to cover let us know by emailing