Unify - Central Authentication

The Unify Project uses Central Authentication Service (CAS) and other resources to allow you to access multiple password-protected web systems after logging in once.



What is my username?

Your username is your email address.

How do I create/reset my password?

Your Unify password will expire every 180 days. When it is time to create a new password, or if you forget your password and must create a new one, please click Forgot My Password.

Why should I close my browser when I am done?

Generally speaking, it is a good practice to close your web browser after accessing any website that requires a username and password. It is especially important when you are on a public computer. It ensures that the next person to use that computer won't be surfing the net as you.

When you log in to Unify, a cookie is stored in your browser that allows you to be automatically logged in to other Unified sites. This cookie is set to expire at the end of your browser's session. So, when you close your browser, this cookie no longer exists, and you can no longer be automatically logged in to any more sites without specifying your password again.

If you are experiencing issues logging in please contact the Serve Help Desk or call (478) 445-7378.